Monday, March 08, 2010

Weekend Fun

I had a BLAST this weekend!!

It started Thursday night with hot tub night.  Teesha, Jennie, and Candice.  We went to Super Jenny for grilled cheese night.  There was a huge line up for a table so instead of eating in we went back to my house, which was perfect for me since I can't have cheese and the PB&J that I was going to have was out.  So, they had grilled cheese and I had left overs from the night before, which were amazing!!  After dinner we all went to the roof for relaxation.  We actually saw a few different people on the roof, including Courtney (who I work with) and her husband.  Fun time and believe me I slept well last night!!

Friday I met up with Jill W, Kasii, and Miranda for brunch at Carroll Street Cafe for brunch in Cabbagetown. I hadn't been there before so I was super excited. They didn't have an extensive brunch menu so instead I got lunch (salmon sandwich with salad) and it was really good! I did enjoy it.  Afterward all but Miranda went to the DeKalb Farmers Market for some good grocery shopping.  Neither Kasii or Jill had been before and they were so amazed... it made me so happy!

Friday was a beautiful day so I took Preston for a good walk in the afternoon.  Luckily the past few days have been really nice so it has been great to get outside.

At night I drove the 3 minutes to Lynette's new house.  I am so excited she lives just down the street from me now!! It used to take me about 45 minutes when I would go to her place for ladies night.  Love the shortened commute!!  She made dinner for a group of us, which was absolutely amazing, and then we watched Bride Wars.  Since everyone has been so busy lately it was great catching up!

Saturday was supposed to be a really down day for me, however it didn't work out to be.  Jennie let me borrow her bread maker so I tried to make a recipe of bread.  Twice.  But neither turned out all that well.  Boo!  Neither did ever rise so they were like bricks.  The second was not such a bad brick so I have been just calling it 'dense.'  I was hoping to post an amazing entry about the loaf of bread too.  Not going to happen... not yet at least!

In the afternoon I met up with Erinleigh and her dog Bauer for a walk around Lenox Park.  It was great to get out again and have the feel of spring/summer!!

Yesterday I went to another amazing park, Piedmont Park, with Victor.  We met up with a few friends including another Victor and Eli.  It was great to catch up with them too!!

We should have one last day of amazing weather today so Preston and I are about to be going on an extended walk around the block before he gets a bath.  After today the rain is supposed to come in for the rest of the week.

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