Monday, February 16, 2009

I Totally Won!!!

I had a great weekend... and a great week too! Since I haven't updated in a while, here was my past week in review.


I watched He's Just Not That Into You with a really fun bunch of ladies that I know from Buckhead Church. We had a blast hanging out and I really enjoyed the movie. I had read the book years ago and absolutely love it. I am now reading Sex, Lies & Lasting Relationships, which I am loving and I think is the Christian version of He's Just Not That Into you. Read it. Seriously.


Mentorship Group night!! Sue (our amazing leader) made us dinner and we had an amazing conversation. I love how God is putting so many amazing females into my life for me to learn what real community looks like.


I dropped my iPhone... and its now broken. Very sad, the face place is all cracked up. But it still works so I have added a cover to it and will continue to use it. Not in a place where I can justify purchasing a new phone.

Community Group - meeting #2!!! We are reading SL&LR (see Monday) and we are holding each other accountable. I love my group! Its small but powerful. Watch out world... here we come!


TV night!!! Went to Erinleigh's house and watched our shows!! Abby, another wonderful North Point employee and friend of Erinleigh came over and made chili, it was amazing! It was a lot of fun chatting a little more with Abby outside of work and I always love hanging out with Erinleigh!


Lots o' doctors... I had my yearly physical in the AM with my regular doctor. During the physical, I chatted a ton with my doctor, who is really into herbal medication, and she directed me to a place called Health Unlimited. I went and they were very knowledgeable. I am trying some new things to deal with all of my health issues. I'll let you know what I think later...

Did I forget to mention that Friday was in the 70's (degree, that is) and super sunny! I needed to take advantage of such a great day so I spent the afternoon at Piedmont Park. What do you think...

Ladies Night!! Odessa, Teesha and I joined about 15 other amazing women at Bone Garden Cantina. Amazing food. Amazing company.

Teesha, Me, Odessa

(Most of) The Group

The 'catch' of the night was everyone was wearing pink. I pulled out my glitter pink shoes (high heel) out of retirement for the night and was glad I did. They hurt to walk in but it felt amazing to wear some heels again!


Happy Valentine's Day!!!

I "Won A Date" with my friend Jerry and we had a blast. Let me back up... Jerry blogged a contest on his site to Medieval Times while back that you know I had to apply for. Jerry sits by me at Buckhead Church, works in facilities, and we chat all the time inside of work. But had never really hung out outside of work. Afer a long and gruling (not really) application process where I was as sarcastic as possible (no, not me...) I came out the winner!!

Jerry made an excellent post here about the 'date'. The official night was supposed to be just Medieval Times, however a few days before we were chatting and neither had anything else going on during the day so we decided to start early. He had a few different ideas, that fell thru, so he told me he would come over and we would figure something out. Unbenonsed to me he had an idea and showed up at my house with a painting kit that contains everything you need for oil/acrylic/chalk/sketching/watercolor paintings. The box also serves as an easel. It’s incredibly awesome and he let me keep it. Fabulous!!

I welcomed him to my house and he started the night with a pink rose.

For the rest of the afternoon, we hung out at my place and we painted while we watched part of Down With Love and Top Gun and chatted about stuff. We worked together on the our painting... one person chosing the colors and the other person painting. We have agreed not to discuss what Jerry painted, however I looked at the painting again last night and thought it was great.

Then Jared and Meredith came and picked us up and we went to Medieval Times for dinner and JOUSTING!!!! Oh Yeah!!

If you are not familiar with Medieval Times, it is a dinner theater in which you eat dinner with your hands while actors re-enact a story of a princess and her prince, a tournament, and an evil knight trying to take over a kingdom. Pretty basic storyline, but really well done! I walked away from this experience absolutely amazed! I highly recommend it to anyone. We thought it was going to be a joke and we would just be people watching all night, but we actually got into it and had an incredible time!


Work and church in which Jeff Henderson did an amazing sermon on our church, reflecting over the past year and looking forward into this year. Then I went to Lenox mall to get a cover for my iPhone. I also check out a few shops and landed in Restoration Hardware where I picked up these amazing pillow covers for $5 each!! I have been looking for a while for a nice cover for the pillows, and even contemplated making some, however was just to cheap. I can totally do $5 for beautiful and comfortable pillows!! (I have tried to add them here however I have reached my upload quota... not sure what that means , but sorry, I'll have to figure something out)

At night I went to PassionCityChurch and it was another amazing experience. I went with Teesha, Odessa, and Jackie. We had a great time and loved the service. Right now they are meeting once a month and I think it will be another fun place to praise God. How blessed am I!!

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