Monday, September 03, 2007

Kept Busy

I have sure been kept busy... and just with work!!

Actually, I haven't had a day off since last Friday (and I don't mean 4 days ago... I mean 11), but I took tomorrow off and will be doing almost nothing all day long. Kendol won tickets to a comedy show so that is the almost. I have bought champagne, orange juice, and peaches so I will be having a Mimosa/Bellini day - probably at the pool! I can't wait!!!

My new job is going really well! They are so laid back and so far the love me... but I expected no less. And they don't need me to be there until 9:30 or so in the morning... so I can easily walk to work!! And, they gave me a Mac laptop... its so small and cute. I can take it home and learn how to use it! I love it!

In other news, I had to go to court on Friday at 7am for the accident I was in... it was easy for me. But, the ease for everyone there depended on what door you went in. I went in the main door, as did about 50 other people. However there were about 15 people who had to come in a side door... in handcuffs!! The judge heard the people in handcuffs first and most of them were there on DUI charges and one was there on a laundry list of charges including speeding at 150 or higher and fleeing the cops. But there was one that made me giggle and got me in trouble with the court officer.

Everyone was in the court room in civilian clothes expect one man, and he was in his red jail jumpsuit. He was the last of handcuffed to be seen by the judge... his crime... urinating in public! Before 8am that charge to me is hilarious... especially since he was in handcuffs and a jumpsuit! I giggled. Which, I found out was a mistake. The court officer looked over to me and told me there was no talking in the courtroom and we needed order... that's when he saw that I had been chewing gum. He made the most upset face and started mouthing to me "no chewing gum" while making wild hand gestures towards his mouth. It is before 8am!!! I had to work really, really hard not to laugh at him. But, I composed myself and within 15 minutes I was in front of the judge. I plead my no contest and thanked the judge for his time before paying my fine and heading to J. Christopher's for some breakfast... then I was off to a day at work.

Never a dull moment!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are really keeping busy, Kristie!! What an experience in court. Hope your car is working fine again.
All well here, very quiet.
Enjoy your day off.
Love, Grandma E