Saturday, August 25, 2007

So many changes...

So, since my last post I have been sick, the hole in my apartment has finally been fixed, I have gotten into an accident, and picked up another job. Little more explanation...

So, the Saturday after my birthday my throat started to hurt. I assumed the trouble was just too much birthday partying so I didn't think too much of it.

Saturday was my friend Britt's 21st birthday party! Kendol and I went out to his parents house for a cook-out before going to Fever to do some dancing. I wasn't drinking since I had drank quite a bit at my own party, I had to work the next day, and Britt's parents house was quite a ways outside the city. So, I make it back into town, get to the street that the club is on (which is about 2 mile from my apartment) and get into an accident! I side swiped a mini-van trying to turn lanes. My car wasn't too damaged, I broke the passenger side mirror and I put a good dent in the back panel of the mini-van. The guy I hit was pretty cool about the whole thing but we had to wait for about an hour before the police showed up and about an hour and a half total. I now have to go to court on Friday, August 31 to get my sentencing, but she gave me a ticket for an improper lane change. Unfortunately I never made it into the club and never got to do any dancing!! But, at least the accident wasn't too bad! And, I found out that Progressive is a pretty good car insurance company... I called them while we were waiting for the police to arrive, the had given me a claim number and set up a time for my car to be fixed. I got a free rental while they were fixing it and they did all the work. The car has been fixed and I am pretty satisfied with the service they provided.

Kendol's friend Carrie, who is currently living in Wisconsin but grew up down here, was in town for a friend's wedding and Kendol wanted to see her before she had to head back home so on Sunday we hung out with her and a few other guys at one of the guy's apartment pool. It was a lot of fun and his friend Carrie is really sweet.

The only trouble... I woke up the next morning and couldn't talk! My throat felt huge and I could barely get two words out before it hurt. So, I called in sick and planned to lay around all day and maybe watch some television. However, I slept until 11am, got up for about an hour before realizing that I wouldn't be able to stay up. Went back to sleep, did the same thing between 5pm and 6pm. Got up again at 9pm stayed up until about 10:30pm before going back to sleep. I slept the entire day!! And the sad part is, when I woke up on Tuesday I didn't feel any better! I called in sick again! However, by about noon on Tuesday I was at least able to stay awake!

I felt good enough to get some work done on Wednesday so I went to work and took a training class (they are giving us training Tuesday-Thursday for the next month so I have been having to go in on some of my off days) and then went to Buckhead Church to do some volunteering. The lady I volunteer for suggested that I give her my resume, they are looking for some people in their Information Technology department. So, once I got home I sent her my resume. The next day I had an email from Human Resources wanting to set up an interview. I went online and found that the job they were hiring for was part time, something I can do in my off days from Cbeyond. So, I had my interview and I now have a job! I am working for the church on Wednesdays and Thursdays starting next week.

On Thursday I had to stop down to the DMV to get my tags on my car renewed. I never remember but I need to bring them cash so it always takes me twice as long as it should since I have to stand in line twice but the building is right on the marta line and its much easier to take marta than it is to drive and find free parking so I took that. After getting my tags I went to work again for another training class and I started feeling really groggy again! This time it was more in my nose and chest... By Saturday night I was coughing enough to keep me awake and by Sunday night I was not able to sleep. Monday morning I finally broke down and called the doctor but they were not able to get me in until Tuesday so Monday night I slept sitting up and that worked pretty well. Tuesday I stopped in and the doctor prescribed me a cough medicine and an antibiotic. I went to the doctor on my lunch break and went back to work after I got the medicine. I took the medicine at work and it made me really dizzy!!! I got soooo sick at work the guys here though I should go home... but I was afraid to drive! So, I took a nap in the break room and stayed here until I thought I was well enough to drive home without getting sick on the way... which was an hour after my shift ended! I made it home safely, slept all night, and woke up feeling much better. I called my doctor and got a new antibiotic. I did much better after that!

And finally, I have been dealing with the ceiling hole and mold for the the last month since there was a leak in my bathroom ceiling about a month ago. Kendol cleaned up the mold and I have been contacting the office and writing them letters (as stated in my contract) for the past month with no real service on getting the ceiling patched up. So finally last week I wrote them a letter stating I would have to contact a lawyer and find out my legal rights if the hole was not patched up within the next week. On Thursday I got a call from the office manager stating it would be fixed that day... and it was! I was shocked but very happy. I spent Thursday night cleaning out that bathroom (it was fixed but they made a mess doing so) and then Friday night cleaning out the rest of the apartment. The worst part was the closet so I re-arranged it and got rid of about 3 bags of cloths. I am getting my closet down to only what I am really wearing, which is all I really have room for anyway.

After cleaning, Kendol and I went to our friend Whitney and Carol's apartment for a small party. It was nice to be out and feel well! I had a lot of fun too!!

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