Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday!!

I had a wonderful birthday! I spent the first half of it at the gym then relaxing. I took a really, really long nap! Loved every minute of it... hehe!

Then at night my friends and I went out to Eclipse di Luna, a tapas restaurant in Buckhead, for dinner and drinks. There was a live Latin band and the atmosphere was excellent! We got their 'all-you-can-drink-and-eat' special and we were able to drink sangria's, beer, and wine as well as an assortment of tapas for 2 1/2 hours. You better believe my friends know how to take advantage of that!! We had a blast drinking, eating, talking, and being goofy.

One of my friends got me a birthday cake and part way thru the evening they brought out the cake... the entire restaurant helped sing happy birthday. If I remember correctly the band even played along with them (however, it may have just been music in my head... I had quite a bit to drink)!!

I got a few other really fun presents. Grandma & Grandpa E. sent me a very pretty cross (which is about to be hung in the bedroom). My parents sent me a music-playing birthday card which was reminiscent of our Nashville trip (i.e. it plays country music) and when we were in Nashville they bought me a purse and bathing suit as well as helped finish my apartment up when they were here! Kendol took me out for the dinner and bought me a very nice outfit... dress, shoes, purse, and lotion. However, the dress didn't fit so it will have to be returned. Kendrick bought me a very cute D&B pink purse. Marcus and Ashley got me a pink rolling pin and mat from William Sonoma. Whitney and Carol bought me an assortment of goodies including a thong, candle and holder, and shot glasses. Victor stated my gift is 'in the mail' and I will get it next week with dinner at his apartment. And last but not least Cleveland gave me a gift certificate from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I have such thoughtful friends and family and I love all the gifts I received!!

After dinner we went to my friend Los' apartment for the after party. However most of us were wiped out by the actual party so the after party was quite short. I have no clue what time I got home but woke up around 10am... with only a slight headache. It wasn't anything that an Advil, some coffee, and a good breakfast couldn't take care of!

I am working on getting all of the pictures uploaded. It should be completed soon and once they are they will be added with the rest of the pics on the left hand side. I still am loving the camera my parents bought me for Christmas. And, you can thank my friend Kendrick for all the wonderful pictures... he is always my camera man! I can remember to bring the camera but can never remember to take pictures!

Other birthday news... on Monday the guys at work got me cake and ice cream as well (since I am generally only at work with everyone on Mondays). And, the cake was made from scratch by one of the techs! It was very good!

In other news, cause I know not everything this week revolved around my birthday... even though I think it should have! Hehe.

The air conditioning in the building stopped working on Sunday... and we just got it back today! Gotta love it. This week we had record breaking temperatures in Atlanta and of course, no air! The temps have been over 100 degrees... with the heat index putting the air temperatures over 108. And, they stated that the pavement temperatures (can you believe they can now tell you how hot the pavement is??) are in the 140's! So, you can imagine how hot my apartment could get! Luckily at night we were able to turn the air fan on high, open the one window that my apartment has, and let the 70 degree temperatures circulate. Then in the morning we would shut everything up and leave all of the lights off. Also, we elected to have dinner out of the apartment instead of cooking. All in all it really did stay quite cool in here!

After a lot of thought I have decided not to continue with the same volunteering group thru Hands on Atlanta so I will have to find another group to volunteer with. There was a gap between my believes and theirs. Even though they were really nice people I don't think I can volunteer with them and have a clean Christian conscious.

But, I am now volunteering on Wednesdays and Fridays at my church. The lady that I am helping works Sunday thru Wednesday so I come in on Wednesday and help her with random office work and then on Fridays I get all of the bulletins ready for Sunday.

Well, back to uploading pictures and this apartment needs a good cleaning!

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