Sunday, September 23, 2007

Atlanta Braves!!

Last Wednesday as Kendol and I were eating dinner (left overs from my dinner party on Tuesday that turned out wonderful! As usual with my dinner parties I forgot to take pictures...) Victor called and said he had four tickets to go watch the Braves game that night. The one that started in an hour. And he asked if we wanted to go. Sweet! Just needed to find someone else to come with us. I did remember our neighbors state that they would like to go to a Braves game this year so I called up Raleigh and asked if he and roomate Ian were up for a game. Ian had a big test the next day so he was unable to go but the rest of us had a ton of fun at the game!! The tickets were for the VIP section and we had a great view. Not only was the view great but so was the weather! It was beautiful.

I posted a few pictures from the game in the same list as I post all other pictures. Enjoy!!

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