Sunday, September 16, 2007

Cooking, cooking, cooking

Is the theme for me this week. I found out that two people I know had birthdays in the past week so I am celebrating with them this week. One of the guys is Steve, who works at Cbeyond with me. He was actaully the guy who made my birthday cake from scratch, so you know I have to go all out for his, and he wants chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I am making it tonight... so I will have to take a pic and blog it.

Then Kendol's brother Antonio had his birthday last week but is having his party on Saturday. Both Kendol and I have to work but we will take him a cake on Thursday to celebrate! He wants a vanilla cake that is themed in Dolphins or Sharks. So, I am doing the baking and Kendol will be doing the decorating. I figure we should put his creative talents to work!

And, finally on Tuesday I am having another one of my big dinner parties (well, big for my apartment... there will be about 10 people there). Since we are *starting* to see some weather conditions that may be considered fall-like, I have decided to do a big ham, sweet-potato, winter vegetable dinner. I can't wait!! If I have time I will be making an inside out German chocolate cake. My bosses birthday is coming up and he wants me to make a German chocolate cake... I figure this would be a good time to practice!!

BTW - it was good to finally see UofM finally decide to play football!! Hopefully they can keep that up!! Hehe!!

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