Thursday, September 06, 2007

Lovin it!!

I had to stop and write an entire blog about my new job... just to let you know how much I LOVE IT!!! Its amazing that I can go to work and not be completely stressed out!! I am loving this!! And, I know the reason is the people. Everyone there is so friendly, so God-oriented, so laid back. They are wonderful! I have been shadowing a guy named Trip, who is very unique. I tried to explain him to Kendol but the best I could do was a cross between him (i.e. ADD) and my friend Marcus (i.e. loves Macs). My new boss is a guy named Jason and his wife had a baby like 5 days before I started. I found out that most of the women there are newly married and just had a child or is about to. When I was informed of this fact everyone looked and me. I about fell out of my chair before explaining to them that I have a five year plan and neither marriage or children are in it. They laughed at me.

There are so many creative people working at the church, no wonder its such a great place to worship. I don't have a lot of stories myself yet about the different people however there is a new guy named Carlos who just moved from Cali to serve as the Service Programming Director. His family (wife and 3 children) are still there but will be moving down at the end of the month. Carlos has an amazing blog called Ragamuffin Soul that I have added to my favorite. Check his out under my friends section.

Well, thats about it for now. I will keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear about your new job, Kristie. So glad you have such nice people to work with. Good for a "days off" job.
Love, Grandma E