Friday, March 20, 2009

"So... Umm... Florida, I miss you"

So yea, I am totally missing Florida!! My family and I had a blast hanging out with my grandparents for over a week!! We did what I LOVE to do just about every day...

We would wake up by walking the beach during sun rise, ending up at the North Jetty for coffee with my grandparent's friends, then walk back to the car. After the walk we would eat breakfast and the Mom and I would generally shop while the guys would either pick grapefruit or oranges, or golf, or play cards. Then we would end up back at the beach for some fun in the sun (every day was sunny, beautiful, and in the 80's). When we would get hungry we would head back to the grandparent's house for some wonderful food (either at their house or out at a restaurant) and then an evening playing euchre and schafkoph. We also spent one day at Hope Seeds volunteering and then dinner at Linger Lodge. And one night was spent celebrating Dan's 25th birthday at Captain Eddie's!

I couldn't have asked for a more relaxing, fun time!! Check out the pictures here... they are not labeled and are in no particular order. I tried, but failed at both! Ha!

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