Monday, October 20, 2008

Missing Life

Once again MIA. Well, this time I blame it on strep. I have been out of life basically since last Wednesday and I am tired of sleeping!! I have spent the last 6 days either on my couch or on my bed. I had to go out today to get a few medications that I ran out of and I have to say it was nice to move but it made me sleepy.

When I think of the fun times that I was supposed to have this past week (my friend Victor's birtday party, seeing Nick Arrojo with Heather, small group, Oasis, Atlanta Challenge Celebration, Church, seeing my friends both at work and outside of work) I am a little sad however I need to get better.

So, medication will be taken and back to the couch I head to lay back down. Hope everyone else is feeling better than me!!!


Natalie said...

Sorry you're feeling icky! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Shannon said...

Strep sux! Hope you feel better ASAP! BTW, I heart Nick Arrojo!