Sunday, October 12, 2008

JJ Heller

During my run on Friday a song popped into my iTunes that I had downloaded from here but hadn't listened to it. The song is called 'Not Mine Anyway' and it made me smile...

More and more away to you
It’s not mine anyway

I could not ever try so hard
I could buy a place in your heart
But here I am
My name written on your hands
Because you paid the debt I owe

Without you we all fall down
Without you we all fall

As most of you know, I have felt a strong pull from God that the way I was living my life needed to change. There has been many things that I have prayed over and changed in my life to live the way I feel God calling me to. And the last sermon series at Buckhead Church really fit into what God has been showing me in my life.

Namely, you are what you think. Where are your thoughts leading you. My notes from the sermons are as follows:

You think. You are.
Clay Scroggins

Week 1 - What Was I Thinking?

Philippians 4:8

- Your thoughts drive your actions.
- Thoughts that hold us most, mold us most.
- Use this passage as filter for your thoughts. Filter all your thoughts thru this grid.

Week 2 - Above the Influence

What was I thinking? Thoughts drive our actions.

Changing your mind is a very difficult thing to do. Any human system of self control is frustrating.

Colossians 3:1-4

Jesus died for the things that we can't change on our own. But then he rose and we have been raised with Christ and are in eternity with Christ. This should be the backdrop for your mindset, for everything you believe.

I am not a slave to my mind. You can not change your mind, Christ can. What will He change?
- Your general perspective
- There is ultimate hope in every circumstance.
- Recalibrate your heart to what's really meaningful.

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