Sunday, October 12, 2008

I Feel Like I Am Falling Behind

I noticed that I am not updating as much as I have been... where do the days go!! I had a great weekend. Friday became my day of rest and what do I do on my day of rest... I run for an hour and a half. Well, not really run the entire time, but most of it! I was going to go on a 4 mile run, which should have taken about 45 minutes. However as I started running I wanted to try a new course so I ran around different streets, thinking I knew where I was going. However, about an hour into the run I realized I had no clue where I was. Luckily I had my trusty I phone on me so I pulled it out, used GPS to find my location and mapped my way home. I was about 2.5 miles away from home!! I couldn't believe how far I had gone, and I would have to go about 2 miles down Peachtree to make it home. I don't like running on such a busy street so once I got to Peachtree I called my mom and talked to her on the rest of the walk.

The rest of the day was then resting. I sat on the couch, took a nap, had lunch and dinner, and knitted. It was great!! I am making Victor a scarf for his birthday, which is this week, however it may not be done on time. If not, he will get it a little late! Oh well, I am actually impressed on how far I already am on the scarf since I just started it last weekend!

Yesterday I worked out again in the morning, but this time I played it safe and went to the gym. I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes, did 30 minutes of cardio-kickboxing, and 30 minutes of yoga. Since the cardio-kickboxing and yoga are done to FitTV (and they have commercials) I did a few minutes of weightlifting during the commercials.

After the workout I ate some lunch and went to my friend Erinleigh's house for her dog, Bauer's, 2nd birthday party!! It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some new people which was very cool. After the party the ladies wanted to go to an art fair so we left around 6pm to head over there... however the fair closed at 6pm so by the time we got there all the booths were closed up. The guys were going to another house to play video games so us ladies headed over to that house to hang out. The game the guys wanted to play was missing some key parts so indeed we played Apples to Apples. I hadn't played it before but it was a lot of fun! Around 9pm Erinleigh got hungry so she, her husband George, and I went to La Fonda Cantina for a little Mexican food.

The Cantina (on Peachtree) is very close to my apartment and I had been there before but just for drinks. Their food was pretty good. I had the veggie tacos and Erinleigh got the salmon fish tacos. Since we each got 2 tacos with our order we decided to split them. We both preferred the veggie. We also got dessert to split... Apple Empanadas. They reminded all of us of apple pies from McDonalds. I wouldn't get the dessert again but I would go back for the main course. And, like all Mexican restaurants, they had chips and salsa. The salsa was super fresh and super good! And, for those that care, the price was very good.

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