Monday, April 24, 2006


Another full and busy week for me down here. On Easter Sunday I went to church with Jordan. Jordan and his family went to Jenison Christian Church with my family a long time ago. Thru the grapevine his mom found out that I was living down here in Atlanta and her son moved down here a few months ago so they got my number from my parent and he gave me a call. This was the first time that I have seen him since I was probably 10 but he looks a lot like I remembered him to.

On Monday I had my usual small group meeting and then on Tuesday Adel and I watched the movie ATL. It is (obviously) a movie taped about some high schooler's here in Atlanta. It was a pretty good movie but also had a lot of comments about life here so it was very interesting.

Wednesday after work I went to the gym with Carlos. It has been a while since I have gone to the gym but it felt so good to work out, I really need to work on making it a part of my weekly routine!

Thursday I went with Carlos, Ashley and Marcos to Sutra Lounge. We met up with another group of people there and had so much fun dancing the entire night! It had been a little while since I had been out dancing so I was very excited to go!

Then on Friday I went out with some of the people I had met the night before. First we went to Cosmo, a trendy bar/dance club in Midtown. Some of the bar is outside and after we arrived it started pouring but we just stayed inside where it was dry and danced. Once the rain stopped we decided to go to another club called House. All the people I was with really liked the music at house so they were excited to go. However, as soon as we got outside it started raining. The guy that went with us decided to be a gentleman and get the car so us girls wouldn't have to walk in the rain, which was quite nice of him. But, by the time he had gotten the car and drove to where we were it was down pouring. I had to walk about 3 feet but by the time I got into the car I could wring my hair out it was so wet! Rain or no rain we were on to the next club. By the time we got to House it had stopped raining but we were already soaked but ready to dance. We danced for a while but the normal DJ wasn't there so the rest of the group was not as into the music so we left and went to one of their apartments. We chatted for a while and I learned how to play chess... it was quite fun!

I got up Saturday morning and put a down payment on the new apartment so it is now official!! I will have the new place on June 20th and I will have to send out the address soon. I am looking to paint a few walls before moving all of my things so I have been having fun trying to pick out the colors.

Afterwards I went to VJ's and met his Mom and Niece, they had driven down for the weekend from North Carolina. We went to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center, visited the grave, and walked around the museum. Then we went to the first annual wing festival on Auburn Avenue, which was a ton of fun!!

Later in the night I met up with Carlos, we rented movies, and I ended up passing out of course... I am so good at falling asleep to movies!!

Today was my volunteer day at church which means that I stood by the door and greeted everyone on their way in and out of the service. I had fun and was at the door with Tiffany, one of the girls from my small group. After church I met up with Victor and James at Park Tavern and we ate lunch. I had a burger, which was very good, and I learned that I now like coleslaw... which I found to be quite interesting because I never liked it before! Park Tavern is right on Piedmont Park so after we ate we met up with Carlos at the park. We enjoyed the beautiful for a while and then walked to Blakes for a drink. Carlos and I then left and played some tennis. I haven't played tennis in a quite a while so it took a while to remember how to swing a racket, but we had fun anyway!

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Anonymous said...

You sound busy!busy!busy! So glad all is going well. We are busy in quite a different way---Sun.night was euchre, Mon-Dr. appt., Tues-Dr. appt., Bridge and Colton's soccer. Today Grandpa is golfing and I will go to Bible Class.
Temps in MI have really cooled--34 degrees this AM--Brrr!
Hope you will be able to send some pics of your new apt. when you are living there.
Love, Grandma E