Saturday, April 15, 2006

two weeks... really!?!

Ok, I need to remember to post every week... going back two weeks will be nearly impossible but I will give it a try:

Monday after I posted I joined up with a friend to watch the NCAA final game with Florida and UCLA. My friend is a huge from California and a huge UCLA fan so they were quite upset when UCLA lost.

I have been racking my brain to remember what I did on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but I really can not remember. Terrible how bad my memory can be!

Friday after work a group of us met up at Two Urban Licks for dinner and cocktails. It was a lot of fun to see everyone outside of work and to chat about non-work related topics! After Two, VJ, Carlos and I went to Red Chair and then Halo for a few more drinks. We had a lot of fun running around town.

Saturday night I had a Bachelorette Party that I attended. The Bachelorette was a friend of Carrie's and Carrie was the hostess. There were six of us girls that went out and the only ones from Atlanta were Carrie and I. It was fun introducing the city to the rest of the girls, however one of the girls had car trouble so I spent half the night helping her get her car towed! But, we ate at Nova, a southwestern style restaurant that I hadn't been to before. It was a cute atmosphere but it wasn't one of the best places that I have been to in the city. After dinner we went dancing at Compound, which is one of my favorite clubs downtown! While at Compound I ran into quite a few people that I know but haven't seen in a while so it was fun seeing them again. Also, there were photographers taking pictures of all the groups. I got a business card from one of them and he sent me one of the pictures... not all of the girls are in it but I thought it was cute!

Sunday I met up with Victor and a few other guys at Piedmont Park for the Dogwood Festival. Unlike the name implies the festival is not for dogs but art. People from all over the world set up booths and display their art for people to view and buy. It was a beautiful day and we had a ton of fun browsing and then people watching!

Monday nights are always dedicated to my Small Group, so as usual we got together for our usual meeting.

Tuesday Adel stopped by and helped me study for my job. I am trying, again, to get certified in CCNA for Cisco, which is the manufacturer for the routers that we use at work.

Wednesday night I checked out a condo that is for rent. I liked the location but I didn't like the set up of the actual condo. It is on the first floor but its a sunken floor so the window sits at ground level and it felt like I was in a basement. Since I am not a fan of basements to begin with I wasn't too thrilled with the condo. I think I may have narrowed down the places I want to move to one. On Monday I plan on calling them and letting them know. So, please pray that I am making the best decision!

After viewing the condo I went back to work for training in the newest protocol that I will be supporting at work. It was good information but I didn't leave work until about 11:30!

My group at work has been doing an exceptional job so on Thursday the director over the department that I am in gave me two tickets to see the Atlanta Thrashers, the NHL team. I tried to give the tickets to one of the guys in the group but none of them wanted them so I went with Adel. The Thrashers won! It was a high scoring game and lots of fun to see!

Afterwards I met up with Carlos, Ashley, and Marcos at Ashley and Marcos's apartment. Ashley and Marcos live in the apartment complex that I like and live in the style apartment that I want so it was nice to see the place with stuff in it. It was very cute and I am now very interested in living there!

Friday after work I went shopping at the Lenox mall and then met up with Ashley and a group of people at Poncho's, a Mexican restaurant just down the street from my apartment. It was fun hanging out with Ashley again and meeting some other new people!

Today I went for a hike in Marietta with Adel and his dogs. I haven't been on a hike in a very long time so it was nice to get outside the city and into the nature for a short time.

After the hike I ran some errands and then met up with VJ and James at Piedmont Park to run. James is going to be in the Peachtree Road Race (I forgot about signing up) so VJ and I went to help James train. I was already tired from the hike and I am somewhat out of shape since I haven't been working out much since I was sick so I was more moral support than anything but I went quite a way on my own!

Work has been going really well after the change, for the most part. It is hard sitting on another floor from half the people I used to work with and the people that I go to for questions but over all I think this may have been the best move for us. It will be nice in a year from now when we are all sitting on the same floor again!


Anonymous said...

Glad all is going so well. We are back in Michigan again. Your folks were here when we got home. They had done so much to prepare our place and carried in a lot of "stuff" for us. We sent a little of FL with them (OJ and grapefruit).
Good luck getting the apt. that you want.
Love, Grandma E

Russ & Deb Poll said...

Wow - You're keeping busy!! We're having fun at the Zimmers!!
Love, Dad & Mom