Monday, April 03, 2006

Grape, Kyma, Coco Luna??

Another week and have been so busy again... right back to the way that I was before. I am working hard on not being out too late so I don't get sick again!! But...

On Monday I had my usual small group meeting but not everyone showed up so we watched a movie instead. Afterwards I got in some grocery shopping before crashing at home.

Then on Tuesday I went out with a friend to Coco Luca, a Cuban restaurant here in Buckhead. It was fabulous!! We

The next day I worked out with VJ after work before heading to Kyma, a Greek restaurant downtown with another friend from work - Carlos - and met up with a group of his friends. I had a lot of fun meeting some new people and having fun conversation!

Thursday night I celebrated another friend's birthday at Grape, a wine bar in Buckhead. We closed down the bar but we were having too much fun to head home so we went and danced at a club downtown called Sutra.

Friday I went out with Chris, Carrie, Carlos, and a few other people to Frequency, again! We, once again, danced the night away!

Saturday I spent the morning looking at apartments. I fell in love with another loft downtown. It is called Mattress Factory Lofts and they are true lofts... exposed brick and concrete indoors, very open, wood flooring, huge windows and a beautiful view of Atlanta. I need to call them back at the end of this week to see if they will have an opening in June. If so, I will probably be moving there!!

If not, I found another place on Saturday called the M Street Apartments that has two story, one bedroom apartments that are very nice. They have a view of Atlanta, but not as nice as my first choice, and they are different in that they are two story. My second choice is either this complex or the complex I saw last week.

But, the craziest part was when I went to M Street I walked into the leasing office and saw one of the ladies I met on Wednesday when I went out with Carlos!! Small world! It was nice seeing and talking to her again.

After apartment shopping I went with Carrie to pick up some gifts for a bachlorette party that she is hosting this weekend before leaving the city to go shoe shopping!! I have been looking downtown but wasn't finding what I have been looking for so I decided to go to Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, which is my favorite shoe store and found 3 pairs of shoes, very exciting!! I had lunch with a friend while I was out there and then looked around the mall, but really didn't find anything I was looking for.

I then went to Matt's house, he lived right below VJ to pick up some boxes to bring to my house for the move. When I got there and parked in the lot by his house I saw a mutual friend Vic outside and he was getting his car towed!! The night before he came downtown, dropped his car off at Victors, and then something happened (no clue what) that made it so he was unable to drive his car! (He got it safely towed home)

After Matt and I took the boxes to my place we went to Victor's for dinner and then we all went out to Vic's house to watch King Kong. In my normal fashion I fell asleep in the first 10 minutes of the movie!!

Sunday was my day to volunteer at church and luckily I remembered to set my clock ahead so I was on time! After church I went with a few of the ladies from my small group to watch Failure to Launch which was very cute and very funny!

After the movie I went with VJ to Piedmont Park and then we had a drink in a near by bar. Afterwards I came home and started cleaning out my closets so I am more prepared to move!! I am too excited!

Today was the first day of our new work schedule. I now am a supervisor and have three technicians that are under me. It is interesting and very challenging right now since I still do the same job I did before but now I have three people reporting to me. But, once we get things going and I am able to teach my tech's a few things I think this will work out pretty well. Its just the adjustment period that will be interesting!


Anonymous said...

WHEW! What a busy gal you are!! Congratulations on being a supervisor. Hope the transition period works out well.
Good luck on getting the new apt.
The Swansons and Zimmers are back in the northland--I hear the weather up there has been cold, windy and rainy. Great to be in the south! Although we probably will start for MI soon.
Love, Grandma E

Russ & Deb Poll said...

WOW!! Stay Healthy!!! Good Luck Apt. Hunting!!
Grandma is right about the North being COLD, WINDY & RAINY!!
Dan had a good weekend white water rafting in WV.
Love, Dad & Mom