Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I caught you a delicious bass...

Oh wow... it has been so long that I will not be able to recall it all!! I just let myself get too busy! So, I will try to hit the highlights...

Marie came down 2 weeks ago and we had the most fun!! She got in late Wednesday night so we spent the night catching up and sleeping. The next day I took her shopping to some of the local shops after which we went to Piedmont Park.

Later that night we went for tapas at Pura Vida. I have only been to Pura Vida one other time but I loved everything on the menu so when we go there I told Marie not to worry about anything on the menu its all good... and then the first thing we chose was the first thing I didn't like!! And neither did Marie!! However, the nice thing about tapas is you order a few different ones and we loved everything else that we ate!! After dinner we met up with my friends Tahir and Carlos and a few other people for dancing at Tongue & Groove. We spent the rest of the night dancing away and loving it!!

Angie and Kevin, her husband, came in Friday at about 5am so of course we all slept in on Friday then did 'breakfast' around 1pm at IHOP. Kevin and Angie wanted to go to the Aquarium so Marie and I lounged around the pool where we expected to do some relaxing and reading but instead met a very interesting character named Pappy. He did keep us entertained for a few hours! Friday was Kevin and Angies wedding annivesary and since the got married in Jamaica I took everyone to Eats for Jamaican Jerk Chicken and then ice cream at Zestos!

After dinner we all went with Marcos, Ashley, and Carlos to Eleven50, another dance club in Atlanta. I have been to Eleven50 before but never in the summer and I must say that its SO much better in the summer!! There is an outdoor balcony that, in the winter is closed, was wide open... it was a beautiful view of Midtown Atlanta!!

On Saturday Angie and Kevin decided to go to Savannah so they got up quite early to head out. They were only planning on staying for one night but loved it so much they never came back to Atlanta!

So, Marie and I once again slept in and then I made breakfast before heading out to Phipps Plaza a very high-class mall very close to where I lived. We had a lot of fun trying on cloths that we can't afford!! I actually tried on a pair of shoes that cost more than my monthly rent payment!!

After shopping we headed over to Tahir's apartment where he was hosting a dinner party. We met a whole lot of new people and ate some really good food before heading out to Vision and meeting up with Marcos, Ashley, and Carlos again. We did have fun dancing again however Marie hurt her finger while dancing so we sat for a while.

At the end of the night I took a few people home and on the way to the last stop Marie and I noticed that my car was acting really funny... I was a little nervous and when we got out we found out that my tire was flat!! Then Marie, with her hurt finger, did a lot of the work on trying to get the tire off before a really nice Domino's delivery man stopped and changed it for me. By the time we got everything taken care of it was 5am!!

The next morning I got up "early" (about 11am) and went to NTB and got the tire fixed. Luckily I had gotten the extended plan so the tire didn't cost me anything!! I was very happy about that!!

Once I had gotten back and cleaned up we met back up with Tahir for brunch at IHOP and then went to the Atlanta's Farmers Market... which is huge!! Marie and I were
entertaining ourselves around the live fish tanks when Marie caught me one delicious bass!!

After fishing we met up with Victor, Vic, James, and Wayne who were playing pool at Woofs. After they got bored of pool we all went to Blake's by Piedmont Park and had a ton of fun! But, when Marie and I left we realized we hadn't ate anything since brunch so we stopped at Landmark Diner, a local diner, for some dinner... it was pretty good!

Monday we met back up with Tahir at Cafe Intermezzos, which has the best desserts!! Marie and I split lunch and we all shared our desserts... it was chocolate overload!! Marie and I then headed to Lenox Mall and spent our last few hours together shopping!! It was so nice to have her in town for the weekend!

Last weekend I helped Chris with his promotions at Six. Although there wasn't a lot of people there I had a ton because I haven't ran with Chris in quite a while!

On Saturday I got up and spent eight hours helping Victor paint his loft. Even though there were three of us and he lives in a one bedroom loft we only got about half way done!! Needless to say we were all tired but still had to go out!! Victor, Bobbie, Wayne and I went to a few bars before ending up at Wet Bar. We danced, met a lot of new people and had a ton of fun!!

Sunday I went back to Victor's house and did laundry while attempting to help Victor with his homework. Afterwards Tahir stopped by my apartment and we were going to play tennis but got to the court at 10pm which was the same time that they turn off the lights! So, instead we went to play pool (and of course I won)!

Since I have already written a book I will leave this post with just my past few weekends!!


Russ & Deb Poll said...

Wow -- You're BUSY!! We're in Fort Collins, Colorado. We had a wonderful time & weather in Estes Park, Colorado. Dan has a very nice camp to stay at but it's too bad his cell phone won't work. We'll be in Deadwood, South Dakota the next 2 nights then begin to head home on Friday. We plan to be home sometime Sunday. See you in the AM!! Love Dad & Mom

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you posted again, Kristie. Wondered what was happening with you. Was really great that Marie could come down for a few days. We just returned from Warsaw after staying with Alex and Wes while Sue and Jerry went to a golf school in Ohio. Was very peaceful during the day but did a lot of running around after school. Good to see them in some of their sports activities. And of course played a lot of games.
Love, Grandma E