Tuesday, July 04, 2006


So, I can't possibly try to fit everything that I have been doing lately into this post so I will hit the high points.

To start out with... HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! I am going to Centennial Olympic Park tonight (after work) with a friend to watch the fireworks! I am excited and can't wait to be out of work... today is my holiday to work... yuck!

On a great note... I moved again!! I sent out an email with my new address on it. If I failed to send it to you please let me know! I love my new apartment!! I now live in what is known as West Midtown. My apartment is in the loft style but is two stories. I, with the help of a few friends, painted a few of the walls before moving in so it feels more like a home than an apartment. A couple of friends live in the building next to me, which is a lot of fun. I moved on June 24th and have already spent a good deal of time at the pool! Love it!! There is also a lot of places that I can walk to, which is another bonus. I spent Saturday afternoon walking around and seeing what is available. In fact, we are walking to the fireworks tonight!! I have money saved up for a camera, so now I need to do some research and hopefully will have a camera soon. Once I do I will take a few pictures and put them online.

A lot of my free time was spent planning the move. Other than that... I am still in the same small group so I have been seeing them Monday nights, I have been working for the same company (hit my 2 year mark on June 28th), I have been going out dancing with friends, volunteering at church, and trying to have fun!!

Well, back to work!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have posted again, Kristie! Glad your move was a good one. The Wests are here for a couple of weeks. They are cleaning out a farm house in Unionville that has lots of "stuff" in it. It was lived in by a couple of 90+ year old aunts. We are planning a sort of reunion here on July 16. Ellen, husband and baby will be here. Most have not met her husband. Baby is almost 1 year old. Wish you could be here. But we will be thankful if you can get here for the Christmas celebration in Nov.
Love, Grandma E