Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Daily Grind

So, of course I have been incredibly busy and have had no time to posts (so sorry)!! But, with my birthday on Wednesday my festivities actually started last weekend when Victor took me to the India Arie concert. We had a ton of fun and India Arie has an amazing voice, however, after about song two it started to absolutely down pour! Luckily Victor brought an umbrella, which helped for a while, but the rain was so hard that we ended up soaked!!

Then last night my friends Victor and Victor worked together to throw me a little birthday party, which was so fun!! The made dinner, got me a beautiful pink watch, and a group of us went to Earthlink Live for Erykah Badu after party/jam session. All the going out that I do and last night was probably the best time that I have ever had going out! DJ LV spun first and he was amazing. He had the crowd going for a few hours. Then a singer named Jan got onstage and led the jam session which consisted of about 25 different musicians playing a plethora of instruments. They rocked for a few more hours until Erykah came out. She sang a few different songs and she too has an amazing voice. After she was done onstage Queen Latifah came onstage and sang a few of her songs. I didn't know the songs that she played but at 3am she had the entire crowd going. Dancing and singing... it was amazing!!

In other news...

My job has changed a little bit again. I am now heading another team at work, working a different schedule (8am-5pm), and have a new manager. This new team doesn't work from phone calls but from emails and escalations so there is a lot more work and a lot more stress but I am working with the best of our tier one technicians so that helps out a lot.

I have been having some medical issues again. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago on what I thought was pink eye and exhaustion... what I found out (after a few doctor visits) is that I had a viral infection in both eyes and an elevated liver count. I have gotten eye drops for the infection, I have to wear my glasses for about the next month, and no makeup. But, for the elevated liver count... they haven't figured out what has been causing that. While all the testing has been going on I haven't been able to drink alcohol and I have to be very careful on taking any medication, including tylonol. I have been tested twice... after the first count came back they did some further tests but didn't find anything so they thought it may have been a fluke but after the first test came back high the doctor is unsure. So, I am going to be tested again on the 15th and if its still high they are going to do an ultrasound on my liver.

Other than the above, I have been keeping busy putting the finishing touches on my apartment, doing a few dinner parties for friends (I am getting to be a better cook every day), working out at the gym again (I was so proud I ran 4 miles last week), going to my small group, and getting myself ready for taking an art class (which will begin mid-August).

Well, back to the normal grind!!


mikepoll said...

I know what it feels like to have an elevated count. Mine was caused by asperin and bextra that I was taking for the accidesnt. Just keep the meds in moderation and it will go back to normal.

Anonymous said...

So glad to see the update on your blog, Kristie.
Hope Mike is right about the elevated count. Sorry you have been having those med problems.
Post some pics of your new digs sometime. Would love to see where you live.
Uncle Floyd and Aunt Judy are here right now, came for the Schmidt reunion. Was so nice that your folks came too.
See you in Nov.!
Love, Grandma E