Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Birthday

So, I had a great birthday week!! I started out the week celebrating my friend, Todd, birthday at a local bar.

Then on Tuesday he called me and informed me that he wanted to share one of his birthday presents with me... he was given tickets to the Mariah Carey concert on, none other than, my BIRTHDAY!! So he, his girlfriend Marie, and I went to the concert!! I was so excited because I have been a huge fan of Mariah since I was in middle school. So, we went to the concert and our seat were the furthest back you could get. Sean Paul opened for her so we sat up there for his performance. Then we found out a friend of Todd could get us into the VIP section. So, at intermission we moved!! We were so close to the stage by the time Mariah came out!! She sang beautifully, she looked fabulous and we had a blast!!

Then on Thursday I went out with my friend Mario to a dance bar called the Masquerade and we danced the night away. They have two dj's going... one playing hip hop and the other playing 80's. It was a ton of fun!!

Then on Friday a few of the guys took me to the Falcon's home opening pre-season football game. Our seats were about 10 rows back from the field and the Falcon's won by a field goal kicked in the last second of the game. We had a blast cheering for the team!! As we were sitting there one of the guys pointed out we were sitting by Ray Buchanan who used to be a player for the Falcons!

On Saturday I helped my friend Amy celebrate her birthday with a dinner at Nancy G's in Buckhead. It was a lot of fun and I was able to meet quite a few new people. After dinner I headed out with Carlos and his friend Angel to Compound, a dance club by my house. The other big club in Atlanta had closed down the weekend before so this club was packed! I happened to bump into quite a few people that I knew so it was fun to see everyone and dance!!

I had to work on Sunday but after work my friend Lawrence took me out for a birthday dinner. It was a fabulous birthday week!

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