Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I still am not feeling the greatest... not sick, not well but something in between. Everyone down here seems to be on the edge of a cold/flu... probably because of the constant change in weather!! But, for me, its been just enough to slow me down a little bit.

Once again this week I kept my going out to a minimum... I actually only went out on Saturday but had a ton of fun!! I went out with John and Heather to Compound. I have only been there a few time but I have fun each time I go. I also ran into a friend that I had lost touch with there so it was fun to catch up a little bit!

Generally on Mondays we have small group but we do not meet on the first Monday of each month so instead Carrie, Amy and I met up to watch the movie In Her Shoes and to eat dinner. We had a ton of fun together and decided that we must do this more often!!

The rest of the week has been the usual work, workout, study. But, as my title states... I am going out tonight to watch the PISTONS!!! They are playing the Hawks tonight and Alex, a friend of Victor's, works as a accountant for Phillips arena so he got us tickets to watch the game. From what Victor has told me we are on the floor!! I am very excited!

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Anonymous said...

Hope you are feeling MUCH better, Kristie. Just checked your blog today--have been busy playing cards with Uncle Floyd and Aunt Judy, sort of the marathon of card playing. They left this morning so have a chance to get on the internet again.
Hope you enjoyed/will enjoy the Piston game! If it is on TV Grandpa would be interested in watching. We have been watching the Z-cast of Frankenmuth games alot. That has been fun.
See you soon!
Love, Grandma E