Monday, January 30, 2006

Holiday Party

Another full and busy week!! I am still on the same work schedule, I am trying to fit in the gym five days a week, and I am now starting to do some studying outside of work for my job so I have cut back on going out to fit some of that in!!

After work on Friday a group of co-workers went out to 285 Sports Line for drinks and dinner. We had originally gone as a farewell to a guy who was leaving for another job but he didn't show up so we had fun celebrating without him! Afterwards I went out with Chris, Daniel, Tiffani and Brittani to Eleven50. We spent the rest of the night dancing away!!

This Saturday was my company's Holiday Party which at an art gallery very close to my apartment. It was a really nice to see some of the guys I work with, the same guys who wear jeans everyday, dressed up. We had a lot of fun mingling with all the people from different department who we see around but haven't had the opportunity to talk to before.

After the holiday party Victor, Chris, Tiffani, Daniel, Brittani, Eric, a few other people and I all went downtown to Vision. Tiffani had connections that got us in the VIP section which was really fun!

I haven't been feeling very good the yesterday and today so I have kept it pretty low key. Last night I watched the movie House of Flying Daggers, which was really good! Today I went to the salon, worked out with Victor, and then went to my small group. Now I am relaxing and thinking about going to bed early!!


Russ & Deb Poll said...

HI Kristie,

Hope you're feeling better!!
Get some rest!!
Only 30 days til FL!!
Love You!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you weren't feeling well, Kristie. Hope you are much better now. Colton had the flu for a couple of days too.
See you soon!
Love, Grandma E