Monday, January 09, 2006

Time is of the Essence...

I am finding out more and more every day how much time is truly a luxury!!! Never enough time to type out my daily life!

First things first...

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So, since last updated I was going to tell a little bit more about my family's visit... it was so nice to have them visit me, especially since it was the first time they have visited me in the ATL. We went to all the touristy parts of the city... Coke building, Underground, CNN Center, Piedmont Park, Centennial Olympic Park, Hard Rock Cafe, Lenox and of course a couple of Harley shops! Speaking of shopping, we also went up 400 to the outlets and found some really good deals up there!!

I finally got my TV stand (which was my parent's Christmas gift to me along with some cloths and ornaments for my tree... thank you for the gifts)! It is so nice to have my living room set up!! Woo Hoo!! Along with my living room, they also brought down some antique green chairs for my patio which look perfect out there!! And, for what they called my "apartment warming gift" they got me a coffee maker which was well used while they were here. Finally, I got really lucky in that my dad and brother did some much needed work to my vehicle.

They also got to meet my friends Victor and Chris. Since a lot of the people that I now know and associate with revolve around these two friends I was glad that my family and they got to meet!

The other pretty big event for me was NYE and I had a ton of fun!! Just about everyone that I know ended up in the same place so I got to spend my New Years with my closest friends... Victor, Chris, and Carrie... as well as about 15 to 20 other people that I have gotten to know in the past few months. We went to the opening of a new club called 'House.' Chris knows the owner of the club so we were able to get into VIP so that made it even more fun. House is located in Underground Atlanta which was where the Peach Drop occurs so needless to say it was quite busy. Instead of driving or taking a cab I walked with Victor and Duuna from Victor's house... which was just about a mile but was well worth the hike!! Luckily Chris brought his camera so there were pictures taken and I will be updating them soon to this blog!

In the past week I didn't go out to the clubs at all... since I was out all night for NYE I decided I needed to lie low for at least a week. Instead of going out I went to different friends places or had them over here, we made dinner, and watched movies. Not to brag but I have been told by a few different lately people that my cooking is very good!! It is pretty amazing since most of you know where I started from (and for those who don't know... among many other feats in the kitchen I have started a fire in a microwave, burnt rice krispy treats, and cut my hand so bad making tapioca pudding that I needed surgery).

I also need to brag about the weather that we had here today... I was outside today in a tank top and shorts!! It had to be in the mid-60's at least!! I was so happy with the weather and spend some of my afternoon at Piedmont Park!! The park was absolutely crowded and it was so much fun to see everyone walking their dogs, flying kites, playing sports, having picnics, playing instruments and just enjoying the atmosphere of the day and of the park. I spent the evening with Victor, Kevin, and Oden (Victor's dog) here at my apartment. It was nice because we could leave the balcony door open for Oden to walk in and out of but it didn't make the apartment cold!!


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are blogging again, Kristie. Good to read your news. We are thankful for the nice warm weather also. It did get down in the high 30s one night but warms up nicely during the day. Ant it is great to have the sun shine all of the time. Lots of cards and golf down here.
See you in March!
Love, Grandma E

Russ & Deb Poll said...

We had LOTS of FUN in ATL too & can't wait til the FL trip!!
Love, Dad & Mom