Monday, February 13, 2006

Johnny's Hideaway

The Pistons lost?!?!? Say what?!?!? They actually lost by 1 point. I was so disappointed... I was so ready to make tease everyone after the game that 'my team' won. Instead EVERYONE made fun of ME!! Terrible. But, I had so much fun at the game. We were not courtside but we were very close. We had a lot of fun cheering, talking, and teasing each other!!

On Thursday night I got together again with Amy and Carrie. We ordered a pizza and watched Napoleon Dynamite!! Only the best video ever... gosh!

Then on Friday the three of us plus Amy's friend Jennifer meet up with Christina (another girl from our small group), her beau and their friends at Johnny's Hideaway. Johnny's is a dance club for, um, established adults. The average age of the customers is about 55 and there are a few rules to the club - no music post-1990 (which they actually broke a few time for Madonna) and no drinking or smoking on the dance floor (which the dj had to remind a few people a couple of times). Needless to say I was quite skeptical at first. But, it didn't take 5 minutes and I was being asked to dance. I had fun dancing with random guys of different age groups through out the night!! And, Aunt Dawn would love this, they played Copacabana by Barry Manilow and I sang the entire song!!! SWEET! They also played a lot of Frank Sinatra, which I loved! It was a TON of fun and a huge change from the normal Atlanta club scene. Amy's friend is having a birthday party there in a couple of weeks so I may be going back soon.

Unfortunately I had to get up for work on Saturday and I stayed out way too late on Friday night. I drank a ton of coffee to keep myself awake. Then on Saturday night I went to Vic's house with Victor (yes, they are 2 different guys) and the three of us ate dinner, drank wine, and then tried to watch a movie. I say tried to because as soon as we put the movie in each of us passed out!! But, Vic is an extremely fun friend of my friend Victor who I have hung out with a few times. You can see a picture of him on the pictures from Victor's birthday.

Then on Sunday Victor went with me to Buckhead Church and we met up with Carrie. It was so nice to have a group of friends to sit with at church! After church I we stopped by Chris's apartment to drop off a belt that I had borrowed from Tiffany. Afterwards I met up with a new friend of mine, Enyinna, and we watched the movie Four Brothers and ate dinner at Jack & Jills. Jack & Jill's is a sports bar chain that is all over Atlanta but I had not been to one until last night. I met Enyinna about a month ago at Tongue & Groove.

Today is going to be errand day and then I will meet up with my small group later tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I am so jelous!!!!! I want to go to a pistons game! Sorry that I havn't gotten back to you. I was up north over the weekend snowmobiling and I didn't have service. I tried to call you last night, but figured you would be busy. Give me a call soon, Love ya Dan