Sunday, October 02, 2005

Heck Yes I Did!

I need to start taking more time to sit down on a regular basis to update this thing... I am having a hard time remembering all I do in a weeks worth of time!! Hehehehe! But, let me give it a try...

Going back to last Thursday... I had a problem with the financing on the couch that I bought. I was going to purchase the couch on credit because they had 12 months free financing but they declined me the credit because of a Best Buy credit card that I had used to purchase my computer.

When I bought the computer I used Best Buy financing since they gave me 6 months no interest financing. I had paid off the card before the six months were up but after the 6 months they still added interest to my paid off card. This happened back in March... they did not send me any bills or letters, they did not call me, nor did they email me stating that they had added a balance to my account but they continued to add late fees and other charges to my account and reported my account as delinquent. Needless to say I was more than a little upset. I was able to contact Best Buy and got them to remove all charges but it wasn't in time to get the financing for the couch. I would have had to wait 60 days for the financing company at Traders to re-apply for the credit.

So, instead I decided I will pay for the couch myself instead of using the financing company. On Thursday I went to put the down payment on the couch after work but once I got half way there I found out from one of the road signs that the exit that I needed to take to get to the store was blocked because of a gas leak!! So, I turned around and went to Chris and Daniel's house where we watched The OC and had a few drinks. (I work with Chris and Daniel just moved to Atlanta and has been Chris's friend for years and is now his roommate).

On Friday Carrie, from my small group, and I had talked after the small group class on Monday about living in Atlanta. She just moved here in the past few months and was looking for things to do over the weekend. We decided that we would get together on Friday and go out around Atlanta. She stated that she had a friend coming into town and there were a few places that she wanted to take her friend.

After work on Friday Carrie let me know that her friend was not feeling well and would not be able to make it but she still wanted to go out. After getting ready she came over and we took a cab ride to, what is becoming my usual Friday hangout, Moondogs and Hole in the Wall. We met a TON of people out and had so much fun talking and dancing. I was so disappointed when the DJ said "This is it... we are now closed... you don't have to go home but you have to get the hell out of here!!"

On Saturday morning (quite early for how late I had been out) I was woken up by a phone call from work. I was on-call because of Hurricane Rita (we have customers in Houston, Texas) and they called me to come into work. So, I hopped out of bed, took a quick shower, and went to work. I was thinking that I was there just as extra support and figured once the phone calls died down I would be able to leave again but I found out that one of the guys who normally works on Saturdays failed to show up for work so I was working a full shift. On my lunch break I headed to Sears and found my vacuum, unfortunately they didn't have any in stock so I had to wait until Tuesday to get it. But, I now have a vacuum and a clean floor!!

At 8pm, after my 8 hour shift and my lunch break, I was able to leave. Carrie and I had been planning on going out Saturday night so I went home, changed, and went to her apartment. There were a few girls from the small group and we hung out and ate pizza. After pizza Carrie and I went to meet some of her work friends at a birthday party at Dantanna's. It is a much more upscale restaurant/bar than what I have normally been going to but it was still a lot of fun! The group had a private room for the party and had a TV on with a football game playing. Carrie and I had a few drinks before deciding that we were both pretty tired so we went back to her apartment and watched the movie Love Actually. It was a pretty cute movie and I had been wanting to see it since it came out in the theater.

On Sunday I decided to test my luck again on putting the down payment on my couch... so I headed back down to Traders and this time I was lucky enough to make it there!! I have put the down payment on the couch and should have it in 4-6 weeks!!! I am so excited!!

I then ran a few errands and did a few things around my apartment before heading to Victor's place where we ate dinner and watched TV. Since my weekend had bee so busy I was so sleepy so it was an early night for me!

On Monday I had my usual small group class which I really enjoy! We are in the middle of a video series so we generally watch the tape and answer questions that are presented. After which we talk about our daily lives and then have a prayer session. I am really enjoying the time spent with these ladies and I am enjoying getting to know everyone!

After the small group I headed to Three Dollar Cafe, which was just down the road from the small group meeting, and met Chris and Daniel for dinner and drinks while we watched the first half of the Monday Night Football game. At halftime we left and I came home and worked out before going to sleep.

Tuesday I ended up working a different shift, 12 noon to 9pm. Since the guy failed to show up to work on Saturday but still came in on Monday he was let go on Monday. So, they had to rework schedules to have full coverage. They moved Victor to Noon-9pm but he couldn't work that shift on Tuesday so I was the lucky one chosen to work that shift for Tuesday. Needless to say, Tuesday evening was very uneventful... after work I worked out and then went to sleep.

I needed to get my laundry done before my friend Angie comes into town so Victor was nice enough, again, to let me use his washer and dryer. So, on Wednesday night, after Victor got out of work I went to his house and he made dinner and I did my laundry.

On Friday some guys from work and I went out for Happy Hour at Blue Moon Pizza, which is just down the road from work. I enjoy the people that I work with so it was a lot of fun to see them in a different setting.

After happy hour I packed up some clothes and headed to Victor's place. He and I had agreed to do some volunteer work around Atlanta and since we would have to get an early start and we would be just down the road from his place I stayed with him on Friday night. During the evening Victor once again made us dinner (as always.. yumm!!!) and I helped him with some of his school work.

Saturday morning Victor and I got up and made our way to the volunteer site... let me back up a little bit...

The organization who hosts the volunteer services is called Hands on Atlanta. The company that I work for is one of the sponsors for the organization so that is how Victor and I got involved. You can click on Hands on Atlanta to learn more about all the projects and special events that this organization hosts but the project that we worked on was Reynoldstown Cleanup. The scheduled hours for the job was from 9am to Noon and the goal was to clean up and collect trash around the community and to paint an after school center that was built pre-Civil War.

Victor and I left about at about 8:45am from his apartment for a drive that should have taken us about 5 minutes but, since neither of us thought to actually print out the directions but just assumed that we would remember the directions after looking at them once we had a hard time finding the place.

We actually stopped and asked for directions quite a few times but I think the people that we asked got more enjoyment out of sending us in the wrong direction than actually helping us find where we were supposed to be going so that didn’t help us out at all!! But, after about 20 minutes or so we found the road that we were looking for and made it to the Center.

We got to the Center just in time to be placed in a group. There were three groups... 2 that went out to collect trash and then 1 that stayed and painted the Center. Victor and I ended up in a group that collected trash so we walked around for 3 hours filling trash bags. There were a few other people with us and we all wore shirts that said "Hands on Atlanta" on them but quite a few people asked us what we did to get community service or how many hours we had to go!! It was quite funny!!

After working there was a party in Centennial Olympic Park. There was music, food, and quite a few people around. We met back up with a few people that we had worked with but there were so many projects going on all around Atlanta that it was hard to find the people that we knew!

Next, Victor and I decided to clean out our vehicles so we went to the car wash and vacuumed both vehicles and then headed to Jame's house (a friend of Victor that I have met before) to wash the cars. When we got there he had the Michigan/Michigan State game on so I watched a little bit of the game before washing my car. It was a beautiful afternoon to wash the car and I have been wanting to wash my car inside and out so I felt very productive!!

With all the work that we had been doing we were extremely hungry so Victor took me out as a belated birthday dinner. We went to Cowtippers, which is very close to my apartment and had the best food!! YUMMMMMMM!!! It is a very fun and relaxed place to go and the waiter that we had was great!

By this point I was tired so we each went our separate ways to take a nap. We had plans to meet up with Chris and Daniel later that night to go to a new club called Club Caliente but we didn't want to fall asleep when we got there. Club Caliente is a new club OTP (Outside The Perimeter) of Atlanta. Chris knows the DJ there because Chris used to do promotions at another club that the DJ worked at.

After a nap and some time getting ready we met up with Chris at his apartment. Daniel wasn't feeling well so it just ended up the three of us. When we got to Club Caliente it was empty!!! We actually found out later that the 'official' opening of the club isn't for a couple of more weeks and they are still getting everything set up but the place was quite nice... and very big!! Once they open and get people in the door it will be a very fun place to go. After spending some time with the DJ, getting a tour, and getting our picture taken we stepped out and back to downtown but I will keep an eye out for the website (it is so new that when I search for a website I am not finding one at all) and if our picture is on it I will add it to the blog.

Once we got back to the city we went to The Heretic where we ran into a few people that we already knew. We chatted and danced until close!! It was a lot of fun but it left us all extremely hungry so we ate a late night 'snack' at the Waffle House.

Now, to try to keep my posts shorter I will definately try to post more than 1 time a week!! But, my friend Angie is arriving on Tuesday evening so it may not work this week!


Anonymous said...

WOW! You sound VERY busy, Kristie! Makes me tired just reading about all of your activities. Sounds like you have made lots of friends and have great times with them. So glad you are in a Christian small group. Glad too that you got the credit card problem solved.
Hope you are going to get to MI for the Nov. 4 week end.
Love, Grandma

Russ & Deb Poll said...

Hi Kristie~~
You are sure BUSY!!
Love, Dad & Mom

Russ & Deb Poll said...

Hope Angie made it & having LOTS of FUN!!!