Sunday, October 23, 2005

double-0 7

This week has been quite relaxing as far as my standards have been!! On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I worked and then went to LA Fitness to work out. I am just getting used to the schedule with a workout routine in it again so I have been quite sleepy lately! After working out I am generally hungry so I eat and then relax for a little bit before going to bed.

On Friday I did go out again. I went with Carrie and her friend Charlie. We went first to the Cosmopolitan and Lava Lounge. We were only there for a short while but it was very interesting. It is two different buildings that you can walk between so its two bars in one. There were a few different dance floors (none of which we danced on since we left before the dancing really began) and quite a few lounge areas. It is definitely a place I would go back to.

After that we met up with another friend of Carrie's and went to Leopard Lounge for drink. Although it was very cute (in a martini lounge feel) there was almost no one in the bar so we only stayed for a few minutes. During that time though I had to use the restroom and in my hunt for the restroom I found the empty dance floor. I was able to talk Carrie and Charlie into dancing for a few songs and we had a lot of fun being the only people dancing!! Once a creepy guy got onto the floor and tried to dance with Carrie and I we had to leave.

Onto the next bar... we then went to Twisted Taco. I thought, with Taco in the name, that it may be a restaurant as well but there was no one eating!! It was a very small bar that was very packed but I did enjoy it as much as other places that I have been. There was no real reason why, I just didn't feel the vibe of this place. After a few hours in the bar Carrie got tired so we all left for the night.

Yesterday I woke up and went to the Saturday brunch that the apartment complex hosts. I have only been to a few and this one was the most packed. Usually I am the only one that shows up but there were quite a few people eating and talking. I started a conversation with one lady and found out that the Dillard's just opened down the road from where I live and she had been there for the grand opening so she told me all about it. She also let me know that there are quite a few other shops that have opened around it as well.

After my brunch conversation I went back to my apartment to clean and watch the University of Michigan football game (woo hoo... winning in overtime!!). I am hoping that I will be getting my couch sometime in the next week and wanted everything to be clean and ready!! I am keeping my fingers crossed.

In the evening I went over to Victor's to do some laundry and he made dinner. While cooking we watched a James Bond movie. Well, actually, watched is a very strong word. After eating we both fell asleep with the movie on and it was probably on 9:00pm!! What woke me up was the beep of the dryer telling me my laundry was done. I looked over to the chair Victor had been on and he was gone. I found him sleeping in his bed!! I though... 'Oh, do we seem old!!' After packing up my laundry I hit the grocery store on my way home. I then relaxed in my apartment before going to sleep!!

Today was a great day!! The weather man reported that we are having a cold front thru this evening but today was beautiful!! I went to the gym when I woke up to get a good exercise in. I then went to JIMMY JOHNS to get myself a sub!! I am so excited they are now in Atlanta!! After eating and cleaning myself up I went to church. It is an amazing church and if you ever want to see sermon you can actually watch them online!!

After church Victor and I met up and went to the Dillard's that the lady had told me about yesterday. There was actually some cute shops around the area but they make you pay to park!! It is the shopping complex's parking garage but they still want to charge you to pay! Victor and I were a little upset about that but most of the shops are also found in malls very close to this complex that don't charge for parking so I will probably not end up there much but it was fun to see.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to see what your church is like, Kristie. Email me the website, please.
I've spent four of the last five days at church working on funeral luncheons and a fundraising dinner. Fun to work with the ladies of the church.
Love, Grandma E