Thursday, October 13, 2005

My week with ANGIE!!

Ok... another week in review... I need to get better at doing this more often!! I am having a hard time remembering what happened in the past week when I go to blog it!!

All the way back to two Mondays ago, oh so far away! We do not have Small Group on the first Monday of the month so after work I worked out and then went to 3 Dollar Cafe again with Chris and Daniel. Once again we sat out on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather and the football game. The only change was that this time another co-worker of mine, Alice, also showed up!!

Tuesday was the day to pick up Angie. After work I dropped my car off at Marta (the name for the subway or train as well as the bus system that runs thru Atlanta) and road that down to pick up Angie at the airport. This time I found parking for the Marta system itself so I knew my car would not be towed!! Angie's plane came in on time and without any problems and it was so great to see Angie again!! By the time we got back to my apartment it was getting quite late and neither of us had dinner yet so we cooked up some dinner and then went to bed.

We woke up early on Wednesday in order to see Lance Armstrong at Centennial Olympic Park!! Atlanta was a stop for the Tour of Hope and Lance's team road from Jackson to Atlanta and did it only in a few days. There were quite a few people who came down to support the tour and to see Lance, like Angie and I did.

After Centennial Olympic Park we went to Little Five Points, a section of Atlanta, for shopping and for lunch. There are quite a few quaint shops and the restaurant rated as Atlanta's best burger, The Vortex. So we shopped around until we got hungry and then ate at The Vortex. After The Vortex we shopped some more and then ended up a Kroger to buy groceries to take to Victor's place. After he got out of work he made us some very good spaghetti for dinner!! Yummm!!! If that wasn't enough to fill our day, after we left Victor's place we stopped at Smith's Old Bar to support a co-worker of mine in the battle of the bands. There were quite a few bands that we watched, each of which could only play one song and it had to be original, but of all of the bands I would have to say that my co-worker's band was the best of the bunch. The name of the band is Rae' Ven Rae.

Since we had such a busy day on Wednesday we did not set our alarm for Thursday and ended up sleeping in until NOON!!! We got up and could not believe that we slept in like that but had time to dwell on the hour... we had things to do!! After getting ready we headed out to tour the World of Coca Cola. The building was really cute and we took some cute pictures from the tour you can check out by clicking on my pictures. My favorite part of the tour was when we got to sample the different kind of Coke product that the have for around the world. There were some very crazy flavors!!

When we left the Coke tour we went shopping right next door at the Underground, which is a lot of shops and restaurants all, you guessed it, underground!! Of course, no trip to Atlanta would be complete with out a stop to the local Hard Rock. When we were at the Underground the lady behind the information booth told us that we were only a 'couple' of blocks from Hard Rock so we started to walk instead of drive. When we got about one block I realized where we were and how far of a walk the Hard Rock really would have been so we walked back to my car and drove it instead.

Right by Hard Rock was what was labeled a 'mall' so we decided we needed to stop and take a look before going to eat but who ever named it a mall was really stretching because one clothing store and a few gift shops do not constitute a mall... well, at least not to me!

Even after the disappointment of the mall we still had a great meal at Hard Rock. At one point a group of girls came out and signed the national anthem that was being sung by Whitney Houston via music video. After Hard Rock we scooted home, change clothes and headed to Chris's house. Angie, Chris, Daniel, their friend and I all went out to a bar called 10 High to watch another band perform. This band was comprised of people that were Chris and Daniel's friends and they were really good!! It was a ton of fun to watch them play!!

Friday started out with a trip to Krispy Kreme... I don't know how I can live by that place and not be bigger than what I am!! The donuts are so tasty!! But, the next few stops were made OTP (Outside The Perimeter).

We stopped out at a Harley Store to get Judy, Jim and Kevin some Harley shirts that say Atlanta on them (don't worry Mom, Dad, or Dan when you come out to visit we can stop there too!!). After the drive to the Harley store we had to stop by a Buffalo Wild Wings, which is where Angie's husband works (but he work at one in Michigan, obviously... hehe) to check out a southern 'B-Dub's and compare the tastes. I would have to say, at least with this restaurant there was not much different between the north and south.

After lunch we stopped by the mall close to my house (and one that I know is good) and did some shopping at Lenox. We basically shopped until we dropped and then went to my apartment to watch movies. I don't think we could have made another night out on the town with out more rest!! So, Friday movie night became the rest and rejuvenation night!

Saturday during the day we went to another mall close to where I work and then spent the rest of the afternoon resting and getting ready to see the Atlanta Thrashers hockey game!! The game was the season's home opener so we got free t-shirts!! I have not been to a hockey game in a very long time so it was a ton of fun to go to!! To top it off the Thrashers won the game 8-1 and there was a huge fight!! It was so much fun to see.

We took Marta again to go to the game.. I am really liking how easy it is to use Marta to get around and I found another parking garage for Marta that I can use long term and it is within a mile from my apartment!! So, next time I take a fight out of Atlanta I know where to park!!

After the game we picked up my friend Carrie (we know each other from small group) and went to Coyote Ugly and to Mako's. Angie had been to the Coyote Ugly in Las Vegas and had gotten a glass from there that she also wanted to get from the one here. Unfortunately they do not see the glass at the Atlanta location and there wasn't too much going on at Coyote Ugly so we walked down the street until one of the bouncers told us there would be no cover to get into Mako's so we spent the rest of the night on their dance floor!! We had a ton of fun!!

Sunday we spent the day at Six Flags!! It was a lot of fun to ride all of the roller coasters... my favorite was probably the Superman Ride because it was the most smooth and because you do the entire ride on your belly!! When we got back to my place though we both crashed and had to take a nap!!

On Monday I had to say good by to Angie and dropped her off at the airport. Once again we rode Marta (oh so easy now) and they drop you off right inside the airport and there was an Air Tran check in located right by the Marta exit... can't get easier than that!! We then did some shopping in the gift shops and ended up in the Coke gift shop. Neither of us were paying attention to the few people who were in there but there was one lady checking out and a few people with her. After she left the cashier say to us "that was Kim Basinger!!" We all ran out of the store and watched her walk away. We found out later that she was with her daughter and the nanny. It was fun seeing a celebrity!!

After dropping off Angie I headed to LA Fitness. I have been trying so hard to work out on my own but have only been gaining weight. There are quite a few people that I know that use LA Fitness and one of the guys gave me a free week pass to try out the gym. Since I had some time to look around I decided to head over there. I went to the gym that is closest to my work because it was the one I had the free pass to and it was amazing. They have all the weights and running machines that you could ever dream possible but they also have racquet ball courts, a lap pool and a BASKETBALL COURT!! I was so excited about the court that after the tour I went for a quick jog and the shot some hoops!! I got so carried away shooting that I almost did not leave in time to got to my small group.

I ran out of there, came home, got dressed, and while getting ready to go Carried called me and asked me to meet her at a Mexican restaurant right by the place we meet so I finished getting ready and meet her there. By the time I got there it was too late to order anything so I had a couple of chips and then we walked to the small group. As usual I met up with Daniel and Chris at 3 Dollar Cafe but this time Victor and one of his friends, James, also met up with us. There were a few problems this week in that they didn't have the patio open (the place really isn't that nice indoors) and a lot of what we had ordered they were out of. Victor and James had come from another bar that they said had big screens all over the place and is really nice so next week we may end up there for the football game.

Of course on Tuesday I had to check out the gym again but this time I went to one that is close to my apartment (there are a few quite close to where I live). I went in the morning and it was quite nice but this one did not have the pool or the basketball court which is not so cool but I am told one of the other gyms by my house has one so I will check that one out soon.

Wednesday was laundry night and like my usual laundry nights I went to Victor's house but he didn't get out of work until 9pm so I stopped by the gym on my way home and then ran over to his place where we ate dinner and I helped him with his homework (as payment for the use of the washer and dryer) while my clothes got clean. Unfortunately clothes take a long time to get clean and I didn't get home and in bed until about 2am and had to get up this morning at 7am to go to the gym so I am now quite sleepy!!

The reason I had to go to the gym so early today was because I had a session with the trainer this morning. They give you one free session so I decided to go ahead and give it a try. I would love work with a trainer but after finding out the cost to do so I figured I can wing it with the help of my friends, the internet and magazines!!

After work I had this strong desire to play some basketball so I headed back to the gym and was shooting around when I got caught up in a few pick up games!! It was so much fun to run around again!! I missed playing the last few months!!

Looking back at the blog I am now getting very sleepy!!! Time for me to crash!!!

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