Sunday, April 03, 2005

"Your Mom goes to college."

So, since my last update I have been keeping fairly busy. It was cool enough and rained enough in the last week that I was only able to go running outside one day. The rest of the week I did weight training, pilates, and some other aerobics.

This weekend I haven't been feeling too good. Not really sick... but coughing a little and my nose and throat have been feeling funny. Luckily this week I (finally) have my allergy appointment! But, for now, I have been trying to lay low and relax. Watched a few movies... Napoleon Dynamite, The Whole Nine Yards, and Punch Drunk Love. I love Napoleon and the Whole Nine Yards... can watch them over and over! I hadn't seen Punch Drunk Love before but fell asleep half way thru so I don't remember too much of it. Will have to watch it again sometime.

Next weekend the roommates and I go to Florida!! We are meeting a people we all used to work with back in Michigan so it will be nice to see them again! It will also be fun to spend some time at the beach again!! We are going to Orlando but we are planning on going to the ocean since one of my roommates has never been there. Hopefully we will take some pictures and I will add them here.

Well, I am getting hungry... time for some lunch!!

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Russ & Deb Poll said...

Hi Kristie,

Hope you're feeling better!!! Dad, Dan & I all have a good cold too!! Dan had quite a weekend in West Virgina. Lots of rain & snow. His air matress was floating on water in his tent at the campground on Friday night!! He went to a Motel Saturday night!! Have FUN in FL!!