Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Weekly Update!

It has been so long that I am calling this one the weekly update!!

I have been crazy busy lately trying to get all my normal things done... I had been putting off so much stuff since I knew my schedule would be changing at work and wanted to do it when I had time in the morning. So... since that started last week I have been running around doing taxes, getting doctor appointments, cleaning up this and that, running miscellaneous errands... it has been busy!

Last weekend we went hiking on a mountain close to where we live, it was pretty cool!
We have been doing some hiking since I have been down here so we got hiking boots... we each tried to break them in on this past hike so we didn't go very far as compared to previous trips because our feet hurt! We are planning on going back next weekend to try to break them in again. We live somewhat close to the end of the Appalachian Trail so by the fall we want to be able to hike for maybe a weekend up there. Also, the good pictures come from the Application Trail area... it is beautiful. Three of us went there last fall and it was so beautiful we took a ton of pictures. We are trying to get to the point where we can hike 15 miles or more in a day (although last weekend we went like 5). It’s nice down here already so that makes the hiking trips very nice.

I found out in the last week that people at my work are in a basketball league so last night I went to the game. There are both guys and girls on the team so I was able to play too. I had so much fun! Since I haven't played basketball in so long I forgot how much fun it is to play. Its nice too because I have been doing a lot of running lately just to get into shape so that helped when I played basketball but I was still really winded. Also, I found that I need to practice my shooting! Will have to find a park close to here and get a basketball and shoot away!

The weather report… it was beautiful most of the week last week and on Saturday which made for a beautiful hike. Then it rained all day Sunday and got pretty chilly yesterday (well, at least chilly for us – mid-50’s). Today it is sunny and supposed to be back in the 70’s and stay that way for most of the week! I am very excited about that!!

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