Saturday, March 12, 2005

Long time... no post!

So, I have been quite busy in the last week... again.

To cap up the Florida vacation... it was sunny, it was warm, I was on the beach, and it was nice to spend some time with the family!! If you haven't checked out the pictures yet they are cute! Also, I don't have all the pictures yet... we did take some pictures around the town of Venice (which is where my grandparents are) but didn't have time to get them off the camera and Joe did take some with a regular camera so he will need to get them developed... but I should eventually get all the pictures up on here.

This last week I have been learning a ton at work. It is crazy all the things I need to learn!! But it is nice having the opportunity to learn and to grow so I am having fun with that. Still it makes a lot less time for blogging!

Today is beautiful here and a roomate and I did go for a quick hike but didn't take a camera so no pictures of that. It was funny that there were no leaves on the trees yet but I bet they will be in the next month!


Russ & Deb Poll said...

It's SOOOO COLD - 12 degrees here. We're ready to go back to FL!!!

Jill said...

Hey girl! It was so great to hear your voice the other day- thank you for calling me ;) I love you so much and am glad you had such a wonderful time in Florida with your family- I know Dan really enjoyed his time with you! I hear stories daily!