Thursday, April 07, 2005

I caught you a delicious bass.

Hello again! So, this past week has been gone by quite quickly.

I started out the week needing to get my drivers side window fixed. I don't remember if I said anything in the blog about it before but for about the past month or so it would not go up or down. I was telling one of the guys that I work with about my car and he said he knew a little bit about fixing them and he would help me out. So he narrowed down all the possibilities that it could be to the switch itself and thought we could find a new piece in the junk yard. We (well, mostly he… but I did call a couple places too) called around to different junk yards close to here without much luck.

He did find a dealership that had the part but it was more than he thought I should pay and if it didn't work they have a policy of no returns on parts so I would be stuck with an extra part. After talking to the dealership they said to just bring the car in and they would let us know if it is really was that piece and if so I would buy it from them. After taking it to the dealership the salesman also thought it was that part but took my car to the body shop to test the motor before replacing the part. When he came back he had gotten it fixed!!! I guess the whole time the motor was just stuck… they tapped the inside of my car door and it started working again!! I was so excited that it's working I have been putting my window up and down every day ever since! Another plus, it was fixed for FREE! I love that price!!

We will be taking my car down to Florida for the weekend getaway so that make the fact that the window is working that much better. I am excited to see some friends that I haven’t seen in a while and to get down to palm trees, a little warmer weather, and beaches!!

Also going on this week I have a couple doctors appointments. One of the appointments was to get my allergies tested again. So, to get them tested I couldn't take my medicine for the past week. Needless to say, I haven’t been feeling the greatest because of that. Well, the allergy appointment was on Wednesday. On Monday afternoon, while I am at work, they leave a message on my answering machine stating that the doctors hours have changed and he wouldn't be in on Wednesdays anymore and they would need to change my appointment. She also noted that they could have me come in Tuesday. But, by the time I got out of work they were already closed. And, with not being on medicine, I really didn’t want to go thru another week of feeling sick without medicine. Another side note, I need to go in at 8am so I don't miss work because it is a 2 hours procedure from getting tested to talking to the doctor.

So, on Tuesday morning I decided to take my chances and go at 8am just in case they still had an opening. I got there and they don't open until 9am!! I was soooo frustrated. So at 9 I called them (I also tried before that but they don’t have an answering machine, I could have paged the doctor but didn't find this to be that kind of emergency) to talk to them about my frustrations and luckly they ended up letting me keep my Wednesday appointment. I got all my allergies tested and found out that, yes, I am allergic to that. Basically the nurse told me that I am allergic to just about everything I was tested for. For being pollen season down here and because the pollen is all over everything I think I should be feeling a LOT more sick that what I am for all the allergies that I have but I will talk to the doctor about that next week when I see him.

So, that has been the drama of my life for this week. I am sure next week will bring more... hehe.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are on the way to improving your allergy situation, Kristie! Sounds like that was a real ordeal.
Have fun in the Florida sun this coming week end, definitely warm and sunny here. Sue, Alex and Wes are here right now enjoying the pools and beach. We will be heading back to MI on Thurs of next week---or Fri, if we can't get everything done by Thurs.
Love, Grandma E

Anonymous said...

Chicks dig guys with great skills...

Jill said...

Hope you feel better Kristie! I miss you so much. I will try to call you this week! Love you much :)