Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I don't feel very good...

The pollen count today is 5000+. If you ever have seen a pollen meter... what is considered extremely high is... 150. Which is totally ridiculous!! For those who are ever so lucky to not have allergies, what a 5000+ allergy count means is that I am feeling like crap. I took a shower just a minute ago to get some of the pollen off me and my headache has gone down some. What also stinks is that this is the perfect open window weather but with all of us having allergies none of us can really have the windows open.

Onto a much brighter note, the weekend trip to Florida was very nice. We left Friday night after I got out of work (around 7:30pm). We were going to take my car but one of the roommates just got a new jeep that he really wanted to take on the trip so we took that instead. He drove it out of Atlanta and then I got into the drivers seat and drove until about 1:30am. We stopped for the night at a Howard Johnson and the next morning we found out why you should never have the HoJo Breakfast! But, Saturday morning we drove the rest of the way to Cocoa Beach and spent a couple hours relaxing on the beach and jumping in the waves. The weather was fabulous!! It was probably about 85 degrees and the ocean was quite wavy which made for the perfect beach combination. And, we were not the only ones who thought the same thing... the beach was packed!

I talked to my mom when we got down there and found out that where we were was only about 1 mile from where my great-grandparents used to winter. I had been to their apartment once when I was 9 and remember loving the fact that their apartment was right on the ocean! After the beach we walked to the Ron Jon's and did a little shopping. It is such a cute store!!

After shopping we got back into the Jeep and headed to Orlando. We met a guy we used to work with back in Michigan, his wife, and their 2 year old daughter. We had a lot of fun seeing them all again. Saturday night we went out for dinner then to an outlet mall. But, this was unlike any outlet mall I had ever been to before... since it had company stores for such name brands as Burberry and Fendi. I had a lot of fun looking at those stores but shopping in some other stores that I actually could afford and managed to pick myself up some new skirts.

On Sunday we all went to Gatorland and saw a TON of gators! We were even able to feed some of them!! When we fed them there was a guide who showed us where to stand and we threw smelly, rotten chicken to the gators. But, when we were feeding them there were probably 20-30 gators wanting some chicken so it was really cool to see them all so close up.

After Gatorland we went back to the hotel and spend the rest of the afternoon at the pool. This pool was unlike most hotel pools that I have been in because it had a waterfall! I had a lot of fun swimming under the waterfall!

I there are a few pictures that we took that I will eventually get posted on the picture link but not tonight… its about time for me to go relax for the evening!

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