Saturday, February 20, 2010

Week in Review - 2/14 thru 2/18

This past week has been crazy... in that I have slept all day just about every day.  I can't believe it has been a week.  I got sick and couldn't keep my eyes open.  I went to the doctor on Thursday and got a prescription because I have been feeling so dizzy.  Because of this, I only have 3 pictures for my outfits (I worked Sunday, most of the day Monday, and 1/2 day on Thursday).  I did have a request to know more about my closet & shopping habits.  I'll have to do that once the closet has been cleaned up!!

Sunday 2/14 - Happy Valentines Day!!

Monday - 2/15

Thursday - 2/18

But, before all that Angie and Kevin came down to visit.

Angie and Kevin at Highland Bakery

We went to Dublin, GA on Friday so they could check it out.  They may be moving there for Kevin's job which would be cool. Its a good 2 hour drive from Atlanta but a totally do-able drive.

Snow on Friday!! Boo!!

The rest of the weekend we explored food in the ATL... went to bruch at Highland Bakery on Friday (currently my favorite breakfast place in the A) and dinner at Fat Matt's for ribs (once again a favorite of mine). Saturday I make breakfast (pretty good if I say so myself) then Trader Joes to grocery shop, Sweetwater Brewery to tour, Krispy Kreme, and then Little 5 for dinner at the Vortex.  Sunday after church we went to Flying Biscuit for brunch.  Fun weekend with friends and food.

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