Monday, April 06, 2009

I just love this little guy...

So, my brother now has his puppy. And Dan better feel very lucky that I flew home and didn't drive... cause if I could have I would have tried to steal him for myself! Yeah, yeah, yeah I know he is a hunting dog so he will prefer the open mountains of Colorado to the cramped stylings of my apartment. But is he not the cutest!!

And here was Doc's and my favorite activity... sleeping on the couch!!

I had a blast this weekend with my family!! In addition to spending time with Doc, I got to meet Dan's friend Nate, watch my cousins (Alex, Brennan & Colton) play in a 3-on-3 tournament, keep score with Wes and my Mom, watch the Michigan State basketball game, chat with Vicki, watch Brennan's confirmation, eat at Bavarian Inn and all in all just had a blast!!

The pics above aren't enough for you either?? Check more out here!!

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Shannon said...

Doc is the cutest name for that pup!!! Indeed, Dan is lucky you didn't abscond with him.

Happy Easter, K!