Thursday, July 26, 2007

Once again... pictures!

Oh so much fun (and work) seeing my parents!! Hehe!! I met up with my parents not last Sunday, but the Sunday before last in Nashville. They had gotten in Friday with my Uncle Mike & Aunt Linda and the 4 of them had rode around their Harleys and saw downtown Nashville, so they knew exactly where they wanted to go for dinner on Sunday night... Wild Horse Saloon. The Wild Horse was a ton of fun and we got free dance lessons. That's right, I, my parents and my Aunt Linda can now do a two step.

The next day, after my Aunt and Uncle left my parents took their vehicle in to get the air fixed and we drove my car out to The Hermitage - Home of Andrew Jackson. We spent most of the afternoon touring the house and grounds in 100 degree weather (my mom was a little warm) before heading back to Nashville for dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. Luckily before we got back to Nashville the vehicle was fixed so we picked that back up and drove it around... the air worked wonderfully. We toured the main streets, hopped in and out of a few bars, was asked for money by the largest bunch of beggars that I have ever seen... no lie, they were obese. Before heading back to our hotel room.

The next day was spent out at the Grand Ole Opry. Which, is HUGE. First we toured the Opry. Next we walked thru the Museum. We also toured the Opryland convention center/hotel/coolest place in Nashville! It was absolutely beautiful. Hard to describe so I would say just check out the pictures (as always... to the left, to the left). That night we watched a concert put on by a large list of people (Porter wagoner, Bellamy Brothers, Bill Anderson, Jimmy Dickens ~ very funny!, Trace Adkins ~ super tall!, Kellie Pickler ~ looooved her!, Pat Greene, and Jo Dee Messina). All in all, was my favorite day in Nashville. Unfortunately on the way back home the air died in my parents car... again!

So, our next day... the day to drive back to Atlanta started out a little later than planned. But, they thought they had the air working again so off we went. We took a quick detour thru the Jack Daniels distillery... and a bit of trivia for y'all... Jack is distilled in a dry county! Gotta love it. We did get our picture taken too while we were there. Check it out... can you find us in the line up?

We got back to the ATL around 8pm. We headed right back out to get some fabulous ribs at Fat Matt's Rib Shack. I think my Dad really, really liked it! Afterwards we headed down to Flicks on Fifth and watched Dream Girls for free! I love summer in Atlanta!

The next couple of days my parents helped me put the finishing touches on the apartment! It was wonderful, we got curtains hung, lights in (I now have a dining room light), I have a 'European' ice maker (aka ice cube trays), my closet door works, I have a dish towel holder, the balcony has a cover so I can sit outside and not get soaked and lights underneath of it, a step ladder so I can reach everything in the kitchen, and the bedroom is properly arranged. Also, they got me a tool box with some nice new power tools. Kendol, I have to say, is quite happy about the power tools. He didn't like it when I was trying to install everything after the move without the proper tools.

We also spent one day at my friend Victor's condo. He made us a fabulous dinner of boneless ribs, his home style mashed potatoes, and some veggies. It was wonderful. And I think everyone enjoyed the conversation, time with friends, and wonderful food. We stayed until after 11pm, but by that time we were all tired.

The next day, after a bunch of trips to home depot, ikea, the library and the mall we came home and finished all the projects that were listed above. While everyone was doing that I made us a steak dinner. It was wonderful and a dish that my friend Tahir, who has his food block on the left hand side of this blog, has made several times. There are a lot of versions of this dish, depending on what he or I have in the house, but they are all based on one thing, butter and high heat. Generally there is some kinda steak rub with whatever I have on hand which is put on room temperature steaks. Let that sit for about 15-20 minutes. Then I add some butter and honey. Pan seer it on high. Then the pan goes into the oven at anywhere between 350 to 400 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes. Let it sit 10 minutes (very important step... never leave this step out). Then a homemade sauce. Everyone seemed to love it! In my humble opinion no steakhouse can compare to my dish ;)~

Then, back to reality. Saturday morning when I got up for work my parents headed back home. They took a detour thru South Carolina so they could ride their motorcycles around the mountains. But they are back, safe and sound, in their own home. It was nice to have them here while it lasted.

However, that wasn't the end of the busy week for me. Saturday night was Ashley's birthday party. There were quite a few people taking pictures so I didn't even get my camera out but we had a blast. We went to an Italian restaurant out in the Highlands. Really cute, really good food! I was impressed. And I had bought a cake from Publix... always tasty!

On Sunday I had my normal shift at work and then went to Church. Then Monday was the usual Small Group.

Tuesday was anything but usual... I woke up and though, hmmm... my lip feels funny. I looked in a mirror and saw that my upper lip was sitting funny, a little puffy, and blotchy. And tingly. You know, like after you have a cavity filled, that kinda tingly. I think, well, maybe I just slept on it funny (maybe). So I wait but within a half hour my lower lip feels the same way. And then it starts spreading into the rest of my face and down into my neck. Hmm... I had my allergy shots the day before but they make you sit in their office for 20 minutes because if you have a reaction that's when it should happen. Non the less, I give the allergist a call. They tell me to take an allergy medication and then they write me a prescription and tell me to fill it and take it immediately. And, if the problems get worse see my doctor. I gotten 2 of the allergy tablets down but it was still getting worse so I called my doctor. They advise me to get the medication and go straight to their office. If I feel any difficulty breathing they asked that I skip their office and go right to the emergency room. I was scared to do that because the doctor is literally 2 miles from my apartment... the emergency room is a good 30 minute drive away.

But, I got my prescription and went straight to the doctors office. He looked at me and said it was a mild reaction, I shouldn't have to worry about breathing problems but injected me with a medication to help stop the numbing feeling much quicker than the prescription would do. After the injection I had to wait 30 minutes before I could leave and I could see why. It was a stimulant and it was like I drank a whole pot of really, really strong coffee. I was shaking!! It didn't help that I was afraid to eat that morning in case whatever I ate would aggravate my symptoms! But, after about 30 minutes I could once again pick up my glass of water and drink it. The doctor sent me home and told me to get some food in my stomach. I ate a ton when I got home and a few hours later I was no longer shaky... but really, really sleepy. I guess after the big high is the big low!

Yesterday Kendol and I were going to watch the last movie being played at Flicks on Fifth this summer, 300, however right when we left the apartment the heavens opened up and there was a huge lightning storm! Instead we stopped a Blockbuster and rented a movie!

Tonight I am hosting my first dinner party in the new place (thanks to mom and dad for all the help to make the dinner party possible). Victor, Roy, Ashley, Marcus, Carlos, and Britt should all be coming so I will have a full house. But I am ready! I am making lasagna, salad, and a fruit dessert. I am excited. Ok, now to take 30 minutes to clean, an hour at the pool, and time to start cooking!

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