Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm in a VIDEO!!

Hehehe!!! If you have been keeping up in my blog you know that Ciara & 50 Cent shot a music video in front of my apartment about a month ago. Well, the video is out... and I didn't get cut!! Hehe!! Its a VERY quick shot, but if you watch it...

you will see that Kendol and I are sitting on the front stoop of my then apartment (now last) as she walks by in a yellow short suit. I am excited to at least be in the video!! P.S. the street she is walking down is never that clean (they kept watering down the sidewalk) nor that busy. You almost never see anyone sitting outside their apartments. But, still... very cool!


Jason Poll said...

Ha! I caught it! How cool is that!?

Anonymous said...

Found you on the video, Kristie!! Pretty neat!
Have fun with your folks!
Love, Grandma E