Thursday, March 15, 2007

Northside Drive

So, interesting that I was not the only one with a sore back... it must run in the family!!

And for those interested... yes, I was affected by the bus accident that happened in Atlanta. And for those who are not aware:

A bus full of college baseball players was in the HOV lane going south on I-75 and took the Northside Drive exit. The driver didn't realize that he had taken the exit and thinking he was still on the expressway; went up the bridge, went straight thru the intersection, broke thru a barrier, and toppled upside down over the bridge back onto I-75 South blocking all lanes southbound. The bus driver, his wife and 4 of the players passed away. There are still quite a few people in various hospitals around Atlanta.

The Northside drive exit is the one I generally take to go to and from work and since I don't have the TV on in the morning I didn't realize until I was at the bridge that I couldn't take my normal exit (I go North) so I had to detour to another road. It was very backed up with everyone on the expressway taking it since they couldn't go south. But, I eventually made it to work.

Yesterday, Victor drove me home. We took the same exit that the bus accident had occurred on and Atlanta DOT has added a ton of signs signifying that its an exit and that you must stop at the top of the hill.

My car is still in pieces. Marcus got to the part the mechanic said was the problem and he found it to be fine. So, he has purchased another part that could be the issue and he will be replacing both. Hopefully it will be done soon. Luckily Victor has been giving me rides to and from work and Marcus and Ashley have been letting me borrow their cars when necessary.

And, this weekend may be one of those times. They have changed our schedules so that 2 times a year we have to work 2 weekends in a row. This weekend is the first of my 2 weekends, so I will either have my vehicle back (fingers are crossed) or I will borrow Marcus and Ashley's.

Otherwise, it has been beautiful here in the ATL. In the 70's for the past week. Last weekend Kendol and I spent a lazy Sunday at Piedmont Park. He loves to paint so we brought some food and drinks, had a picnic, and he painted. Quite a few people stopped by our blanket to see what he was making. I did a lot of people watching and helped him paint a little bit.

Its supposed to 'cool off' here this weekend and get into the 60s and rain. But, they said the same thing about last weekend. Either way, I will be working 10 hour days so I hope its cold and rainy (mean and spiteful, I know)!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie!!
Hope the car's fixed! We had a nice birthday dinner with Dan today. He's still tired from his week in the South & all his activities this week. Hope you're feeling better!! Love, Dad & Mom