Saturday, March 03, 2007


This week has been uncannily busy...

To start with my Grandpa (on my Dad's side) passed away last Friday and I was able to find a flight that I could afford on Midwest up to Michigan on Saturday. The flight I booked had a layover in Milwaukee and when I got to the terminal I found that my flight had been delayed longer than the layover time and Midwest had no other flights to Michigan that I could take so they booked me on Delta. Luckily I made it at the same time on the Delta flight as I would have on the Midwest flight however my luggage did not. We were unsure when, or if, the luggage would arrive so the first thing that we did was go to the mall and get me a 'just-in-case' outfit.

After picking up the outfit I was dropped off a group of cousins and cousin's friends for Jenny's co-ed bachelor(ette) party. Unfortunately I was in the same jeans & t-shirt that I wore on the plane (just a side note... I had left 70 degree weather in the ATL for the 'blizzard' conditions of MI) but I was able to get into every bar and had a blast dancing. I never realized how much easier it is to dance in flats, instead of heels! The bachelor and bachelorette didn't quite make it to midnight before having to go home and in order to keep the party going we needed a new bachelorette and I was designate... by process of elimination (by that time we were down to my cousin Marie, her friend Vicki, and myself - and everyone in the club knew the other 2). As the designated bachelorette I carried the baton (aka whip/tickler) proudly and I used it unsparingly... on the dance floor. We had more fun then 3 ladies should before my brother came back to the club to pick us up.

I was happy to see my luggage had arrived on Sunday morning but I still wore most of the 'JIC' outfit that was purchased the day before at the showing for my Grandfather. My old clothes went very well with the new ones and the funeral home did a very good job with everything.

Monday was the funeral and it was held at the VA hospital that my Grandpa had been staying at. It was a beautiful service and I, with everyone else, shed a few tears. It was sad to see him go but knowing where he has gone, I know he is happy to be there.

Afterward we all ate and then a group of us cousins went shopping (I can't seem to get enough it) at a local mall. Marie and I ended out the night with her showing me a few more Grand Rapids pubs.

Tuesday morning my parents, Marie, and I went to breakfast, stopped by my Grandma's house to say good-bye and then I was back to the airport for my flight home. I was picked up at the ATL airport by Kendol. I could tell he had missed me... he had picked me up with some very beautiful flowers in hand!

I had taken Wednesday off work to give myself time to wind down. I woke up to a very beautiful, sunny, 70 degree day so off for a run I went. But, I think the stress of the weekend had finally caught up to me... not long after getting back home my back knotted right up! After a few back rubs, some icy/hot, and a heating pad my back is finally starting to loosen up.

Still, a sore back has never stopped me so last night Marcus, Ashley, Kendol and I headed out to Wild Bills (OTP - Outside The Perimeter - the country bar I took my family when they visited during Christmas) for FIGHT NIGHT!!! I had never been to a boxing match before but my first time was a lot of fun. There were quite a few different matches including 1 with 2 females fighting each other. They were quite entertaining!!

Today Marcus picked up my car and started tearing it apart for me. I have been losing coolant and found that the problem was a part in the engine. The mechanic wanted to charge me a ton for it but Marcus told me he could do it for me. He thought he could finish the job in one day but once he got started he found that it would take longer than than. I am hoping to have my car operational by mid-week... but the time is worth it for the money being saved.

Then Victor called me with a ticket to watch the Hawks play the Knicks and Roy was kind enough to pick me up. Roy, Victor, Mike, and I walked from Roy's house (less than 1/2 mile) to the Phillips Arena to watch the game. It was fun!!

Tomorrow doesn't look like its going to be any less busy... after going to church, I will be going with Kendol to meet his Mom. After that I need to get some studying in for the CCNA exam that I still need to take. The last few weeks have not been so good for hitting the books. But, I should be getting back into it now...

Hope you are having a great week!!


Jason Poll said...


I had the immensely sore/knotted-up back too, after getting back home, but I kind of figured it had to do with the four days of driving. :)

Who knows, but I'll take the sore back over the flu I picked up somewhere along the line.

Worse flu I've had in my life, bar-none.

Luckily, Noah had a flu shot, and hasn't shown any signs, and as soon as Heather showed the first signs, she got an rx of tamiflu, and is doing well -- so, just as a warning, I don't know where I picked this up, but if you show signs, HURRY to a doc and get some antivirals!

It was real good seeing you again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie,
Something must be in the water --Dad's had a very sore back also....crazy. So far we haven't had the flu & hope we don't! Dan made it to Louisiana. They left Friday in snow, rain & freezing rain with VERY HIGH winds. The winds are still quite strong. He’ll get back to CMU on Sunday. It looks like they should have good weather. Did you see the college baseball team bus that went over the overpass in ATL?? That’s sure sad. Hope your car is fixed soon!! Did you get any line dancing in?? Wish we had something like that around here!! Get the studying in!!! Love, Dad & Mom

Anonymous said...

Good to read about your busy life, Kristie. Glad all is going well in spite of a few setbacks--like sore backs and lost luggage.
Grandpa E is doing great, improving each day. Will be back on the golf course soon.
Love, Grandma E