Saturday, September 03, 2005

I got my ride back!!

As I write this I am getting the pictures uploaded to the blog... hopefully I will get them all uploaded tonight.

Well, I do now have my car back!!! I called on the registration and they stated since my car is a 2002 and it is now 3 years old I need to get an emissions test done. I let them know my situation and they stated that if I pay for the taxes I can get the paper that will allow me to get the car out of impound.

So, on my lunch on Thursday I was able to get the paper registration and after work Sean drove me back down to the towing company and we were able to get my car back!! Then we went back to his house and his parents made dinner for everyone, which was very good as always. After dinner Sean’s parents went home, Lisa (Sean's sister) went to sleep, and Sean and I watched a few episodes of Will & Grace!! Actually, we probably watched 1, maybe 2 episodes, before we each passed out on the couch.

Yesterday evening my friend Chris and I went to a couple of bars in Buckhead for drinks and dancing. We started at Hole in the Wall and danced on their platform until they stopped the music and then walked downstairs to another bar and danced some more there until they closed up.

Today I did all of the car things I needed to in order to get my tags for my car... I got my oil changed and passed the emissions test. I did the oil change at Sears so I could walk around the mall while I waited. I did find a few cute pairs of earring that I bought!

I now have a list of things that I want to accomplish tonight that I need to get to... wish me luck!!


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Russ & Deb Poll said...

Good Luck getting everything done!!

Anonymous said...

Yea!!! So glad you have wheels again! Swansons and Zimmers were here for the week end and I hadn't gotten to your blog, was so glad to hear the good news. I will e mail you a few of the pics we took at your folks house last Mon. night.
Love, Grandma E