Monday, August 15, 2005

The week in review

So, the latest update from the ATL...

My job has been CRAZY busy lately that we have decided that we need to make a t-shirt named after the NOC and call it CHAOTIC!!! I generally go in early, don't take a lunch, and then leave a few hours late and I am still buried!! They (or at least I have heard it said before) 'work hard, play hard' so on Friday a few friends and I decided to have another night on the town.

We started out at my house. It was all people from work so we spent quite a while talking about work... not much fun on a Friday night so we went out went to a bar called The Mark. There was a big event going on that they called The Pharmacy and it was supposed to be a big event. One of my friends has gone to this bar a couple of times before and said that generally when there is an even like this the place is packed but there were surprisingly few people there. But, we still had a ton of fun and spent the night dancing away!!

On Saturday I really wanted to lay out by the pool and when I woke up it was sunny... I was so excited. I really wanted to read a book while lying out so I went to the library and picked one out, came home, and got changed. As I was walking to the pool the sky clouded over and started to sprinkle!! I thought "well, I will try to wait it out" but by the time I got to the mailboxes to pick up my mail it was pouring. I walked back home and it rained the rest of the night!! So, I spent the afternoon watching my new TV. I then went to a friend's house and a few of us played Monopoly. I hadn't played that game in so long; it was a lot of fun.

Yesterday a couple of friends were supposed to stop by my house and work on a school project for one of my friends, so on Sunday morning after church I went to the supermarket and got some food to make us for dinner. When I got home it was (finally) sunny out so I went to the pool and laid out (yeah!!) for a few hours! It felt so good to be out by the pool in the sun! After I had gotten enough sun (I was starting to burn) I went home and started getting food together. One of my friends showed up but the friend that we were doing the project for didn't.

So, instead of doing work we watched TV... not just any TV either... we watched the HDTV channels on my TV. And what was playing on my HDTV you ask... GOLF. HEHEHE!! It was crazy how clear it was since the cameras were high-definition as well as my TV and the channel. After watching golf we went to his house and his family all stopped by and we ate a huge dinner that was so good!! Yummm! After dinner we watched the new Phantom of the Opera movie and played Monopoly again! It was a lot of fun!

Since I had food that I had planned on making last night a friend came over this evening and we ate dinner of chicken and corn on the cob. I made chicken with a recipe that one of my cousins had given me and it was so good!!

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, Kristie!
Sounds like you really keep busy.
Have a great trip to Chicago next week!
Love, Grandma E