Sunday, January 28, 2007

In other news...

So, I have gotten a lot calmer lately... I must be growing up!! LOL. My life has been consisting of a lot of studying for my CCNA (Cisco certification) which I am planning on taking in March. There are a couple of guys at work who also want to do the same so we have formed a study group. We meet two days a week after work and help each other out. Ok, so they mostly help me out, but one of the guys has been working on Cisco equipment for 15 years so he has a little bit more time invested in this than I do. :)

Other than that, I had a big car scare last weekend (it was big because I know nothing about cars). I had some errands to run last Saturday and as soon as I got back to my apartment all of the coolant drained out of my car! Pretty bad, I thought. I had people drive me to and from work all last week and my friend Marcus was able to look at the car yesterday. He put more coolant in and nothing happened. No leak. I have been driving it around yesterday and today and it has been good. Marcus thinks that maybe it over-headed and drained the coolant... I know no better so I will agree with him.

Also, I have started dating a guy named Kendol. So, when I am not studying or working I am generally hanging around him. We met at the coffee shop right by my house a couple of weeks ago. He works there and is studying at the Art Institute of Atlanta for his degree in graphic design. This weekend he and I went with the girls from my small group to a bar called Johnny's Hideaway. Its a dance club for the 50+ crowd. Don't know why but a few girls from the group love to go there. It was a little awkward at first but once we made our way to the dance floor we had a blast!

Finally, we went to church this morning and the sermon was all about the mission trips that are going to take place this year thru the church, which got me thinking about going on one. I looked up the trips and I am praying this week about whether I should go or not. Please pray for me as well!

Now back to studying...


Anonymous said...

Glad the car is working!! We'll pray about your mission decisions! Keep studing!
Love You!! Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Hope your feeling better, your mom said you have been down with a severe cold--or whatever it is.
You will definitely be in our prayers. Glad the car is working again.
Love, Grandma E