Monday, January 08, 2007

Holy Forever Batman...

So, it took me way too long to post again. But, I did want to let you know that things have been going really well for me. For Christmas my parents bought me a digital camera so I (finally) took some pictures of my apartment. I have linked them on the left hand side under the picture section.

It was great having the family down for the holiday. I decorated my apartment and we spent the week all around the ATL. I was happy to have them down here!

Also, I just got back home today from a trip to NYC!!! I loved it!! Ready to move. Hehe. Ok, that may take a minute to get together but in the mean time I have good memories and good pictures. They will also be along the left hand side as soon as I have them added.

Other than that life for me has been the basic grind, which would be a lot more interesting if I actually posted when things happened!!


Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures & Boots!!!
Love Dad & Mom

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Great to see you posting again, Kristie! Loved the pics of your app't---also the NYC ones. So glad you were able to spend a few days there.
Love, Grandma