Sunday, June 26, 2005

Your Mom Goes to College

No new updates in one month... I am such a slacker!! I will definitely work on updating more often!

Well, the big news for me is that I just got a new apartment yesterday and I will be able to move into it sometime this week. The people that I had been living with and I decided that we need to separate… so on Friday night I stayed with a friend of mine and then Saturday I got the new apartment. My friend is letting me stay with them until my place is available. I sent out an email with my new address on it… if I was terrible and forgot to include you please let me know and I will give you my new address.

So, now I get to go shopping!!! Oh so terrible, right. LOL. Ikea opens up here in Atlanta on the June 29 so I am very excited about that. Also, there are Pottery Barns and other really nice furniture stores downtown so I am sure I will have a ton of fun picking out new things.


Russ & Deb Poll said...

Hi Kristie,

We’re excited about your new apartment!

We went to Heidi Robinson’s graduation party today and it was nice. JayBen Bodrie was there with her 2 children. Jim will be moving back in a couple weeks when he’s done in Georgia. Dan came home for it. He made it as far as Euclid when lots of white smoke came from under the hood. Luckily he was only a couple of blocks from “George’s” so he drove it there and we picked him up. Dad thinks he has hole in the radiator. Dan wasn’t too upset when he had to drive his cycle back to CMU. It was such a nice day that we decided to take a ride with him.

Love You!!

Anonymous said...

So good to see you blogging again! Your new place looks fabulous.
God bless you, Kristie!
Should get in the 90s in MI today, probably warmer than GA.

Love, Grandma E

Anonymous said...

Hope the move is going well.

Tell Jill Hi for me and I will keep praying for her. There has to be a job out there somewhere for her.
Love, Grandma E