Sunday, May 29, 2005

Finally Updated

Oh my... it has been so long since I have updated this blog!! Well, a lot of things have happened in the past few weeks...

Two weeks ago I went downtown to Piedmont Park and spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful weather. The park is beautiful as well. It is about 2 miles outside of downtown Atlanta so it has the city as the back drop, which I love!! There is a pond in the center of the park and when I was there, there was a man singing and playing guitar on one end with a microphone so you could hear the music through out the park. It was very relaxing and a lot of fun.

Then, the Thursday after that, one of my roommates and I went to Fox Theater and watched Disney's "On the Record"... which was fabulous!! The show is a compilation of Disney songs. It was a lot of fun to hear a different mix of the Disney songs that I already knew. My favorite was when they sang the song "Be Our Guest" from Beauty and the Beast but they sang it in many different languages!! It was amazing to hear the song that you know but with a twist!

This weekend I went with a friend from work to Six Flags here in Atlanta. We may have picked the wrong weekend (Memorial Weekend) because it was packed but we had a lot of fun! We were there about 6 hours and were only able to ride 5 rides but we bought season passes since we live so close so we can go back and ride other rides (or if there are other people who want to go with me they can). My favorite ride was called Deja vu. Instead of starting by going forward over a hill it pulled you backwards and completely vertical so that you are facing the ground and then shoots you thru the ride. You go thru the ride and then end vertical again before it shoots you backwards thru the entire ride. We sat in the last car so when the car was vertical we were the highest in the air!!

Today I am planning on going back to Piedmont Park with one of my roommates for the Jazz Festival. Sounds like fun to me!!

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Jill said...

HI! I am glad to hear you had a good memorial day... I am thinking about you. Love you lots darlin.