Friday, June 01, 2007


Today is day #1 for packing. We got some of the items off the walls and got a couple of boxes packed (mainly wine glasses and such from the kitchen). I figure if we get a box or 2 packed every week then the last week we should be in pretty good shape. I have already gone thru the closet and the kitchen and got rid of a lot of items that are not used. Once we get into the new place I will have to get rid of anything that just doesn't fit.

Kendol and I will be going to a apartment-warming party for a friend of his tonight. I put together, what I thought to be, really cute house warming gifts!! Tell me what you think...

Yesterday, Kendol and I went to a taping of the Tyler Perry Show. He is a comedian who has done movies and TV. Right now he has a show called Tyler Perry's House of Payne. But he is wanting to start a talk show, which is what we went to. We were part of the 'live-studio-audience' and had a lot of fun... now lets see if this show actually goes on air!
After the show we went to Piedmont Park to watch Casablanca for 'Screen on the Green.' We met up with Marcus (Ashley was still working), Tod and Marie, and a couple of Marcus's friends. The nice thing about having Thursdays off is I am able to get there early enough to get us good seats. The show starts at dusk (about 9pm) and Kendol and I had gotten there around 6pm and we brought a picnic dinner (I had made BBQ Chicken the night before so we had the leftovers in sandwich form, watermelon, and the broccoli/cauliflower salad that I make) and a bottle of wine for while we waited. We got there a little late however and next week I am planning on being there around 4:00 so we can get a really good seat! I love sitting in the at the park anyway so this just give me a good excuse!!
And, starting next Wednesday 'Flicks on Fifth' starts again!! There are free movies and it takes place, most appropriately, on Fifth Street. Its fun being in the park and there are a lot more people who show up for Screen on the Green (I would guess there were 30,000 people there that night) however Flicks plays newer movies, ones that just came out of the theater, so that is fun too!

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Anonymous said...

Cute Gift! The movie/park sounds like fun! We're hoping to go for a bike ride today with Mike & Linda if the weather cooperates!
Love, Dad & Mom