Friday, May 18, 2007


Kendol and I spent today surrounded by strawberries!! We drove out to Fayetteville (about 40 minutes away) and picked about 16 pounds of them. LOL!! Ton, I know. But, we made a lot of jam and one really nice strawberry pie out of them. And, obviously we still have some left over for snacking! Love it.

A lot of the day was actually spent looking for the jars to put the jam in and the Sure Jell to make the jam with. Apparently, not many people actually can food any more. I didn't realize... hehe! But, we found (large) mason jars at Big Lots and finally found the Sure Jell at Publix. The manager at Wal-Mart said they only carry canning supplies in the canning season. Which perplexed me, I assumed we were in the canning season as I was looking for canning supplies. Anyhoo...

We did have a lot of fun and will not run out of jam this year!! I will also have some to give to friends and Kendol's mom. I am guessing they will enjoy it. For pictures check out my food blog. Enjoy! I know I will!

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Anonymous said...

Your jam looks great, Kristie! However, the jars do look a little large. Too bad you couldn't find the jam size. Anyway, happy eating! Love your food blog.
Love, Grandma