Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Spectacular

Since I last blogged I have had some more fun... no celebrity sighting though... well, maybe...

On Friday night Carrie and I took a cab to Eleven50. We started talking to our cab driver and found out he used to be an aspiring actor. He was an extra in quite a few movies, tv shows, and commercials.

We met up with Victor once we got to Eleven50. We had a lot of fun chatting with each other (it was the first time Victor and Carrie met), chatting with the people around us, and of course DANCING!! After Eleven50 Carrie and I walked over to Twisted Taco and met up with a friend of hers, Jose, who drove us back to my place.

After work on Saturday I went met up with a friend of mine from work, his wife and their friends at Vision. I had met his wife a couple of times before and she is a lot of fun so it was great to see her again and meet some of her friends. We ended up at one of their friend's house so I was out much too late that night!!

On Sunday I got up and went to brunch with my small group. One of the girls from the group, Mary Grace, was baptized at the 1:00pm service so those of us who could met up for brunch beforehand. Generally when I go to church I go by myself so it was nice to go with a group of friends and it was fabulous to watch a friend get baptized!

After church I decided to attend the last show of the season for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I hadn't purchased a ticket so I was hoping that there would be a seat available. Lucky for me I found a free parking spot behind the theater and then once in line for a ticket a lady walked by and handed me a ticket!! She said that they had an extra one and let me have it! I sat next to them during the show and found that she was there with a group of women who work together having a ladies day out. The show was fabulous, as always, and I had a ton of fun!!

I started taking a dance class last week and I take the class every Monday and Tuesday (since they are my off days). The classes I am currently taking are beginning jazz and beginning hip-hop. Tomorrow I will start taking an introduction to dance series which should help with the memorization and the understanding of dance moves. I am very excited about the class!!

Well, I am in the middle of making dinner which my friend Victor is stopping by for in a little bit so I better get back to cooking!!

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Russ & Deb Poll said...

Sounds like LOTS more FUN!!
I'm sure the dinner was delicious!!